Firstly, I wanted to highlight @mo from the @agora territory's post from earlier today, for anyone who wants to participate in this week's SN foundry discussion. Post found here #376962.
Just a quick recap on some of the data that I have been tracking for my territory (Stacker Sports) since launch that I thought you might all find valuable. I was hoping to do a deeper analysis to understand the impact of territories on my overall earn on SN but without the ability to filter for earn in the wallet history it is difficult to gauge what my pre-territories earning was, as I only began tracking it post territories launch. I requested the earn filter feature from @ekzyis and he opened a github request. Hopefully it will happen eventually.
Here is a breakdown of the data I collected for my territory the past 30 days:
Number of Posts: 132 Posts per day: 4.4
Territory revenue: 5725 sats (territory posting fee 21 sats) Territory cost: 100,000 sats Territory gross profit/loss: (94,275) sats
Personal Earn: 117,144 sats Net SN profit (earn minus territory loss): 22,869 sats
Findings: Territory is financially viable as long as I factor in my broad SN earnings, which is a positive, as I should be able to maintain the territory fee from SN activities and not need to finance it from outside sats.
Again, it is difficult to gauge if having the territory (and territories more broadly) was a net positive on my earn category unless I want to look through months of stacked data in wallet history (likely over 1000 entries to sift through) and determine what my average monthly earnings post the latest reward update and prior the territories launch was. Intuitively, and other founders have shared this sentiment, there seemed to be an initial bump in activity and earning the first week territories launched and then it dropped off and returned to a more normal level. I would estimate that 117,144 sats is likely a bit higher monthly earn than usual but most of the outperformance came in the first week (36,276 sats week 1). We did have the holiday season this month, so that might have skewed the back half of month data. I am looking forward to seeing how month 2 plays out.
Cheers, GR
143 sats \ 3 replies \ @mo 4 Jan
@grayruby this is a fantastic reference to have. Wondering how did you calculate all that? I mean, did you go through all the entries in the notification/wallet history? Did you have some tool to share that could make all these calculations easier?
I just tracked it each day. Takes less than a minute to get the earn and revenue from notifications or wallet history and to count how many posts were made (well easy when it's only 4 per day, might be different for you if people are posting 50 things to sell a day).
You could create a spreadsheet to use to populate and calculate but I did it old school in a notebook. Maybe will use a spreadsheet down the road.
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As a point of reference, ~privacy got:
  • 18.5k sats revenue
  • 12.5k came from a 25k post boost
  • Similar with 6k sats otherwise
  • 20 sat posting fee
  • 70 posts in month
  • 2.3 posts a day.
  • 3 personal posts inside it netted me 40k
  • About 60% recovered, not factoring in daily rewards
Summary: I know it’s a loss leader, but will be finding some creative ways to boost the sat returns & engagement. May even purchase the territory outright too, to spread the cost over a longer period.
Great recap. Boosted posts would definitely help out on the revenue side.
Could act as defacto ad revenue and IMO would be better than direct brand advertising in the territories. Just brainstorming, but I could maybe target some sports newsletter writers who have substacks to come do a weekly boosted post on the sports sub and they use it as a way to promote their newsletter. Maybe I pay the boost on the first one.
This also has the added benefit of the fact they will likely promote these posts to their existing audience which could bring more people to SN.
Excellent report!