I just zapped you 100 sats with my Green wallet (out of my SN account) and took 3 seconds for the tx to go through. I think is a normal time for a LN payment.
I used Green for many months now, indeed with small amounts but never failed me. It failed only once 2 months ago when I want to splice the existing channel in a bigger one. But that could be due to high fees too.
You have to understand that in this phase Green is not a release version and also the liquidity behind the Greenlight system is still in early phase. Some people could abuse this beta phase and do a lot of big txs in/out and for short period of time could affect the whole liquidity of Greenlight.
I think you still didn't understand how Green with Greenlight node works... this is not like any regular LN node with its own channels, the liquidity is some kind shared between users. And until is not a full release version I think is quite low, for testing only.
In regards of your closed channle, I supposed you still have the same onchain wallet you've created in the beginning. because to THAT wallet is linked your LN account. So when the channel is closed, the funds must go to that main onchain wallet.
It's good that you don't have a problem with this wallet. But as you can see, I'm not the only one with this problem. I understood the risks, but it's still an unpleasant situation. And the channel's still open.
Still waiting.
Did you try it recently ? I just zapped you with it and I really think it's getting better and better, the success rate is improving a lot.
No, since my sats hung up I haven't risked using my wallet or opening new channels anymore.
indeed, you should not. Did you checked your main onchain wallet ?
It's empty. In the wallet itself this transaction is still waiting for confirmation.
  1. Why did you close it?
  2. Are you sure you were connected well to the network in the moment of closing? Maybe you weren't connected and the tx wasn't broadcast. That means, Green team must add a feature in the wallet to re-broadcast the closing tx.
  3. That is the LN account. I was talking about your MAIN onchain wallet that is linked to this LN account. Logout from LN and enter into your onchain wallet.
  4. Contact Green team, and explain them all steps you did, in details. Or even post a issue on their github. By communicating all these aspects to devs you help them identify where is the problem and also improve the UX. Just complaining is not the right way.
  1. As I wrote, I couldn't complete any LN transactions, so I decided to close. I kept getting an error.
  2. Yes, I'm sure the network connection was stable.
  3. I see what you meant. And once again I reply that it's empty. The onchain account. It's empty. I understand the difference between onchain and LN)
  4. I contacted them back in December and still no solution, they only give me promises that they will solve the issue soon.
Yeah, sad that they do not take seriously your case. I have similar cases with Bitkit and Bluewallet (LDK) from Nov 2013... Each one with 100k sats lost nowhere and no answer from dev team. Yes I was testing those apps, but the lack of attention from dev team is the most frustrating thing. You want to help identify the problem but nobody is paying attention.
Ok fair enough