Nice evaluation. I think all of us assume that we're all ordinary plebs looking to do what we can to improve SN, aid adoption, and maybe earn a few sats eventually. The SN deck that was posted yesterday got me thinking differently about the future. There also may be investors out there who think that owning a few territories might be a fairly inexpensive way of investing in SN long term. Perhaps they may buy some territories without our concern about breaking even now.
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~mempool might be such a territory.
This post also got me thinking that crowdfunding the upkeep of a territory could also work by betting against its continued existence in prediction markets. Kind of like assassination markets but for territories, lol.
The owner can then bet against to win the money but they'll have to renew. It's basically reverse psychology.
With such prediction markets, one could source funds additionally from the ones that don't believe in a territory. So if this is complemented by normal crowdfunding (people who want to keep the territory can send sats to the owner directly without a market), this might be a very interesting way to maintain territories 👀🤔
Yes! I like this. (For a little while I was wondering who this ek guy was.)