I see this ...

Paolo @paoloardoino has been hinting towards it. Now it’s finally coming…

25.07.2022 🕳️🥊


https://twitter.com/Tether_to/status/1550405369108774912 https://nitter.it/Tether_to/status/1550405369108774912

and this ...

Private alpha of a new P2P comms suite started. Unparalleled secure. No central servers. Few minor bugs to iron out but stability, UX and speed is insane. Lot to build.

Can't wait for the haters: but but but but but I want big tech and oppressive governments to spy people.

https://twitter.com/paoloardoino/status/1545748372446920705 https://nitter.it/paoloardoino/status/1545748372446920705

I'm assuming that's what is announcing ... the alpha release of some type of messenger with video, voice and text that does not rely on central servers and lets you send and receive bitcoin. Anyone have a better clue, or additional info on it?


I had been assuming it was something using Synonym's Slashtags. I know this is exactly the kind of thing they've been working on.

excited to see what they’ve been working on, i’m feeling optimistic because of the track record their team has for delivering products that people use at a global scale.

i guess we’ll find out more about what 🕳🥊 means on monday… holepunch?

great find, you might be onto something here…

Decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing software relies on hole punching for file distribution.

It is good to see some progress in this space


"The money that was supposedly backing USDT disappeared in a black hole so USDT holders want to punch us"

If you're correct, this sounds extremely similar to what Impervious is doing.


Keet has launched!

Keet by Holepunch https://stacker.news/items/49204 https://keet.io/

An article on it, on Bitcoin Magazine:

Keet Is Introducing P2P Digital Communications, Will Integrate Bitcoin Payments https://stacker.news/items/49229 https://bitcoinmagazine.com/technical/keet-the-decentralized-communications-app

If I had time and resources I would do a cost benefit analysis of Tether everything from the stable coin to R&D within bitcoin and try to draw a conclusion if Tether is a net benefit or cost to the overall adoption of BTC

But either way I’m excited for this announcement

Possibly relevant is this Twitter thread from a couple years ago:


1/4 I've discussed my thoughts on DEXes future with @Cointelegraph

I envision thousands of small P2P nodes/matching engines, each run by separate groups, resulting in a fractal liquidity aggregation model.


https://twitter.com/paoloardoino/status/1294892859984875521 https://nitter.it/paoloardoino/status/1294892859984875521

There is a rule of thumb when announcements are announced before hand they tend to disappoint. But let's see :)

I hope they announce the real endorsement of Tether.

I don't think the crypto market can handle them telling us they are getting audited (properly).

but yes, P2P comms could be a game changer...

Someone shared the link to this SN post on r/CryptoCurrency

https://reddit.com/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/w6jh8q https://teddit.net/r/CryptoCurrency/comments/w6jh8q <-- May be easier to view

A hundred comment replies, 99% are related to USDt ... like ... "wen audit?" or "bankruptcy!"

None are inquiring about the technology that Tether is hinting at introducing.