Hey everyone! Going to give this a trial run - for the next week, share a video or article in this territory that’s particularly impactful or thought provoking for you. Doesn’t have to be bitcoin related, doesn’t even necessarily have to be something you agree with. Just has to be something that’s encouraged meaningful thought in your life. Sharing your thoughts about the content is optional but encouraged, as it’s more likely to get zaps from the community.
On April 9th, I’ll make a new post announcing the winner, and I’ll share the top posts as well.
5,002 sats goes to the top post that fits the criteria:
  • roughly 10-20 minute video or article of reasonable length (not strict - if it's a good post and people zap it, I'll consider including it if it's longer)
  • Thought provoking, inspiring, or intriguing
  • Posted in FiresidePhilosophy between April 2nd and April 8th
Feel free to share personal content as well!
Also, before you say I’m stealing this idea from @siggy47 over at ~bitcoin_beginners, this is better because I am offering more sats. That’s right, satS, plural. Why? Well, if I simply offered a single extra sat, he might decide to up the ante at 2. Always stay a step ahead, friends.
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Love it. Didn't even know @siggy47 was doing this till I got some rewards. Impactful posts coming your way.
Sick. Looking forward to seeing what you share!
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Your timing is perfect. I'm not offering an additional boost this week. Nothing wrong with copying. I'll steal your ideas in a heartbeat.
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Watched this yesterday, it's a bit longer, but you'll be hooked after the first few minutes
Sovereign mindset
According to Sovereign Pete, you can either be a sovereign or a slave. I had an interesting chat with Pete about the law, government, money, the Constitution, and much more.
Hey @Lux! Meant to respond to this earlier - I think this didn't get any visibility because it was made as a comment instead of a separate post. I'd definitely encourage you to share it as a new post in the ~FiresidePhilosophy territory, this is an interesting perspective!
Posted my entry this morning: #492775
Science and Markets are Self Correcting in the Long Run
Ok. I have one. This is an oldie, but a really goodie.
Disclaimer: I'm not all-in on Jaynes. Some of these numbers are speculative. That is not the point. Regardless of Jaynes' chronological accuracy or inaccuracy, the points he's making about the hemispheres and the Neo-cortex are fascinating and revealing.
Wallace does an incredible breakdown (get it?) here of Julian Jaynes's book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind. This article won the first place National Writer's Club Award as best nonfiction article of 1980.
Ayo @herschel - meant to get back to this sooner. Wanted to say the same thing as I did for Lux's comment - I think this missed visibility because it was a comment instead of a post, so it'd be awesome if you wanted to share it as a new post in the ~FiresidePhilosophy territory! There's some thought provoking stuff here, I bet others would definitely find it interesting.