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  1. As part of the FBI's investigation into lukedashjr's stolen bitcoin, the invite-only CoreDev hack event was subpoenaed to provide attendee information.
  2. @peterpeerdeman experiences zaps and earning money for their music for the first time. Most of us have forgotten what that's like, but he reminds us in detail.
  3. So much is visibly going on in the world, you can either know a little bit of everything or a lot about a few things. @kepford argues why we should prefer the latter.
  4. Plebs once aspired to run profitable lightning routing nodes. Now (as in the next top story), they're shutting them down. @siggy47 asks if the dream is still alive.
  5. @Nuttall shuts their lightning node down opting for a lower maintenance mobile lightning wallet.
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Top Monday meme \ 25.2k sats \ @nerd2ninja

Top Friday fun fact \ 10.4k sats \ @jasonb
Very serious facts here…

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  1. @TNStacker: 88k sats stacked
  2. @vladquant: 55.6k sats stacked
  3. @Undisciplined: 40.9k sats stacked
  4. @Public_N_M_E: 38k sats stacked
  5. @grayruby: 34.1k sats stacked

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  1. @Undisciplined: 99k sats spent
  2. @Sofia_Vittar: 50.8k sats spent
  3. @grayruby: 42k sats spent
  4. @TNStacker: 38k sats spent
  5. @MaxAWebster: 34.5k sats spent

Top Cowboys
  1. @kr: 438 days
  2. @kepford: 264 days
  3. @SatsCats: 223 days
  4. @tnuts420: 222 days
  5. @BitcoinIsTheFuture: 218 days

  1. Everything Engineer #2 \ Stacker News \ Austin or Remote

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Meta's basically turning into @cryotosensei's blog, which is funny since he also has a blog in @siggy47's territory.
Our guy likes to blog.
Since I’m being thrust into the spotlight, could I ask for a sorting tool under Posts? Something that allows me to select a category from a drag-down menu so that I can easily access all the posts I have submitted under a particular territory?
That's helpful, but having it in the drop down menu would still be nice.
Watch out. I will conquer all territories, one by one
Thanks for the Saturday Newsletter! Some great posts this week!
AMA with pub key was awesome.
@k00b you do a good job TLDRing stuff. Can we get your brain as a LLM so I can use it all the time?
I'm not sure I'd pass the turing test.
Thanks for the newsletter.
Ah, I finally won a meme Monday