Patrick Scott Armstrong from the VETTED podcast breaks down the first hand account from Jason, one of Daivd Grusch's confirmed whistleblowers. There's some interesting details left out by Jason that Patrick is claiming are also part of the story:
  • Contractor, ex-Air Force, working outside of Area 51
  • One night, sees a UFO crash, ordered to investigate
  • Sees a blue alien, interacts with Jason telepathically but not his team
  • Alien communicating that the people at Area 51 can't be trusted, murders etc.
  • Jason told over the radio to kill the alien
  • Jason shoots and kills the alien
  • ?!

More from Jason:

  • Crash retrieval sites in Texas, Central America, South America, Vietnam.
    • Some with biologics (pilots), some without (drone-like)
  • The blue alien seemed like a worker, peaceful, part of workforce interacting with the 'program'
  • Aliens were "helping in the labs, under certain conditions that were highly managed"
    • "Seemed very controlled, like they didn't want to give us anything too dangerous"
  • Says Holloman AFB event happened, USG has likely made agreements
  • Says he's willing to publicly testify in hearings, has made this known to congress
  • Says he's given testimony to the Senate and House already
  • Asked if NHI activity was approved to be released or if he's going around Defense Office of Prepublication and Security Review (DOPSR)
    • NHI-fact-of is not classified, but the program name is classified

Pretty wild claims. Jason and the guy on the radio will both apparently be featured in a new James Fox's documentary.
It's kind of sad that I can't trust any of this. I want to but there are too many motives at play and nothing pleb verifiable.
That's the nature of the beast in UFOs. It's really hard to verify things with 100% certainty. I wish they just release the craft and the biologics instead of prancing around the topic like this.
This entire UFO program is probably so compartmentalized and the material and info so chopped up into small pieces that having one or a couple that's willing to speak out publicly about it can be easily discredited. Not to mention, the apparent attempts of the USG to gaslight the witnesses and the public about this phenomena.
Just like with the NSA surveillance program before Snowden dumped all of that confidential information, this entire UFO saga will always be shrouded in doubt until someone spills the entire thing for everyone to see.
Exactly, data dump > documentaries
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This article by the AARO director says it plainly:
In many respects, the narrative is a textbook example of circular reporting, with each person relaying what they heard, but the information often ultimately being sourced to the same small group of individuals.
We all receive heresay at this point. The pentagon's UAP videos are possibly real, but it's a far cry from claiming materials exist that could be tested but never are.
We all receive heresay at this point.
That's true, I'd argue some hearsay is 'better' than others though.
One of my last acts before retiring was to sign AARO’s Historical Record Report Volume 1, which is currently being prepared for delivery to Congress and the public. The report demonstrates that many of the circulating allegations described above derive from inadvertent or unauthorized disclosures of legitimate U.S. programs or related R&D that have nothing to do with extraterrestrial issues or technology. Some are misrepresentations, and some derive from pure, unsupported beliefs.
That report they released a few months ago, is rife with errors and cherry-picking according to Melon: #504129
It's also written by ChatGPT according to me ;) #466183
I'm sure Sean tried his best, but look at the Wilson-Davis Memo notes and remember what you would be up against trying to find information.
This must be an election year, and the dems are worried. Toss a little UFO into the mix to keep the normies busy.
Boeing whistleblower dies mysteriously... but an alien whistleblower doesn't?
Or, we will wait and see. Would make him more credible if be suddenly died.
Otherwise all this is just way too hard to believe. Blue alien.. ok..
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Killing a whistleblower is never a good idea. Look at how much bad press Boeing is getting right now, the only reason why I knew about the Boeing failures is precisely because the Boeing whistleblower "mysteriously died."
If Grusch, et al. mysteriously dies then you know your answer. But the powers that be will never do that, because that would legitimize the whistleblower's claims to some extent.
That said, there have been sort-of high profile mysterious disapperances of people linked to UFO conspiracies in the past.
Aliens took 'em.
Yeah he did the Twitter space just last night so let's wait and see.
I think he'll be okay though, and will soon be doing his rounds on the UFO podcast circuit.
Good for him.
alien/ufo from another planet is a psyop
Do you think Dr. Greer and his efforts are part of the government psyop?
i don't trust this guy