1. Download and try out the app

ZEUS is mobile bitcoin lightning for Android and iOS. It lets you spin up a self-custodial lightning wallet on your phone, or connect to a remote node that you may have at home (Umbrel, Start9, RaspiBlitz, myNode etc.) or in the cloud (Voltage).
You can onboard to lightning with ease using our LSP, or open up lightning channels on your own to anyone you want on the network. The app also feature a self-custodial lightning address (ZEUS Pay), a Nostr-powered contact book, a standalone and Square-integrated point of sale system, and countless other features.
It's 100% free and open source software.

2. Leave a review

If you like the app, leave a positive review on the app store! Positive reviews increase visibility on the store and help us get more users.

2. Write and review code

If you're a coder we could always use more code contributors and reviews of our open pull requests. Almost 50 people have contributed so far. Let's get to 100!

3. Feedback, issues, feature requests

Not everyone can code. That's OK, you can still have a massive impact. Let us know if you find a bug, have an idea for a new feature, or have any feedback.

4. Give us a star on GitHub

If you have a Github account consider throwing us a star. It improves our visibility on GitHub and helps attract new coders to the project.

5. Translations

We're trying to make ZEUS accessible to everyone in the world. Join our 100+ translators and help add or review translations. There are a ton of languages we've started on but need to complete.

6. Documentation

ZEUS is a powerful but often complex tool - with many ways to use it (we have both a built-in, embedded node + wallet, and also support remote connections). We need a lot more help on our docs to help newcomers get started and get connected to the Lightning Network with ZEUS.

7. Use the LSP

OLYMPUS by ZEUS is our LSP, and is quickly climbing up the lightning node rankings. You can buy a channel from us in the app using wrapped invoices and just-in-time channels that will onboard you to lightning without the hassle of manually opening up channels. Just pay an invoice generated in ZEUS from any other lightning wallet and you're onboarded in seconds.
The LSP now also works in-app with remote LND nodes, so you can get these just-in-time channels from us if you're using a remote or cloud node.
More LSP services will be launching soon, so keep your eyes peeled.
Clearnet URI: 031b301307574bbe9b9ac7b79cbe1700e31e544513eae0b5d7497483083f99e581@

8. Buy some merch

We have a bunch of different merch options available for purchase with Bitcoin on our store.
We think the designs are pretty good, and they're opsec-friendly too, so you don't have to worry too much about those $15 wrench attacks.

9. Donate some sats / become and community sponsor

Those who donate over 100k sats get featured on our About page on our website and in our app. You can also donate anonymously. No amount is too small. Proceeds go towards development and bounties to help make the ZEUS app even better.

10. Spread the word, use Bitcoin, and build the circular economy

Lastly, and most importantly, be sure you continue use Bitcoin and help onboard other people to the network. Let your friends know not only about ZEUS, but also about Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, and the importance of running your own node and of holding your own keys.
We're going to win with strength in numbers. Orange pilling can be exhausting - both to the shillers and newcomers - so instead of just jumping into what's so great about Bitcoin, take the time within your community to shake hands with local merchants and the people you buy your food from and actually listen to the problems they have and try to empathize with them. Then you'll surely be able to identify at least one way Bitcoin can help them in our current environment that's rife with inflation, surveillance, censorship, and financial predation.
This not only helps ZEUS but also helps fortify the Bitcoin community.
Thanks for reading. We appreciate every bit of support, no matter how you decide to provide it.
Been using it for a year and a half. I use it to remotely manage my node, and its capabilities are amazing. I recently used it on a cruise ship. I should also mention that the hands on support that is available is incredible. It's honestly the only LN mobile wallet you need, though I use a bunch. Also, you can also always ask @DarthCoin if you run into trouble.
Thanks for pinging me. If Guy Swan is the one that read the most in Bitcoin, I am the one that tested almost all Bitcoin wallets.
Well done Evan! I've finished 5 translations for the new version. I hope more Zeus users will jump in and do the rest of the languages.
LOL just realized it's 11 ways XD
There simply is no better wallet/node management app for advanced and pro users.
And since the embedded node was introduced a while back, beginners can also take part in a very smooth and seamless app.
What @evankaloudis is doing is pure Bitcoin. We want to support and celebrate devs and projects like this, Stackers. FOSS, Bitcoin only, self-custodial, novice-to-expert, and the app is smooth, elegant, and good looking.
I am biased, I've been working through an unexpected force closure issue and he has held my hand, provided resources, information, and extraordinary user/customer service. I see him supporting other projects like blixtwallet, too!
I see myself finding time to help out in the future!
Are taproot channels getting more common? Are they recommended at the moment?
I guess that they mostly make sense if most your stash is on taproot addresses right? As I see taproot addresses disguise the fact that your transaction is a channel open but if you go from segwit to taproot and then back doesn't this give away that you transacted through lightning?
SCID alias?
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Love this! Every developer in Bitcoin should be doing exactly this rn.
  1. pray to olympus
Thank you for sticking with us. Zeus is my go to wallet!
Very good wallet. My frenemy @DarthCoin turned me onto it a couple months back.
  1. Write about the tips and tricks on using Zeus 👀
on my way:)
What a good guide! I started using Zeus recently so the first step is already completed, I should leave a review as well
Got my review in! Looking to see what I can do next...
Zeus is amazing!
Glad to see useful new features coming to the new version such as channel opening batching and channel close to external address. Onchain fees are a major pain these days.
Does the channel opening batching work with a payjoin similar to what nolooking is doing?
Thinking of using Zeus to receive KYC sats before sending to cold storage. Does this make any sense? Would it be economical? Am i nuts?
It depends.
Receiver privacy is not good on lightning so if you receive from a channel you opened yourself you will dox your utxo to the exchange. It's less problematic if a LSP opened a channel to your node.
You have to consider this if you are planning to close the channel once it's full and send the balance to cold storage. It's less problematic if you plan to go through a submarine swap such as Boltz.
Thanks, i'll look into submarine swaps on Boltz
Cool. There are a few other players in that market
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is there a better way to getting inbound liquidity to my channel other than sending funds between lightning wallets?
I've started using it. My first impression is, why I've been missing such great wallet. Just learning.
I LOVE the hoodies.
Would it be possible to get the hoodie in zeus orange with the red zeus design alpha'd on that? (kind of like the beanie, orange fabric + hyperrealistic zeus design)