Just curious to see how many users here run their own Bitcoin nodes. If you're feeling up to it, post details about your setup below!

Full node w/ lightning58.0%
Full node w/o lightning13.4%
Light node w/ lightning2.5%
Light node w/o lightning3.4%
119 votes \ poll ended

Do I run a node? Lets see...

1$ bitcoin-cli gettxoutsetinfo none 2{ 3 "height": 747925, 4 "bestblock": "0000000000000000000263a8a4e5ee368ca4d8777bc775fe28005e2bb7d76233", 5 "txouts": 83489695, 6 "bogosize": 6229424951, 7 "total_amount": 19111823.42733338, 8 "transactions": 49711852, 9 "disk_size": 5105982981 10}
1$ lncli getinfo 2{ 3 "version": "0.14.2-beta commit=v0.14.2-beta", 4 "commit_hash": "1e511be523eb8e97c4e2d9c89a7a263963a3929f", 5 "identity_pubkey": "[REDACTED]", 6 "alias": "[REDACTED]", 7 "color": [REDACTED]", 8 "num_pending_channels": 0, 9 "num_active_channels": [REDACTED], 10 "num_inactive_channels": 0, 11 "num_peers": [REDACTED], 12 "block_height": 747925, 13 "block_hash": "0000000000000000000263a8a4e5ee368ca4d8777bc775fe28005e2bb7d76233", 14 "best_header_timestamp": "1659610444", 15 "synced_to_chain": true, 16 "synced_to_graph": true, 17 "testnet": false, 18 "chains": [ 19 { 20 "chain": "bitcoin", 21 "network": "mainnet" 22 } 23 ],

1 cleanet node (full with LN) 1 tor nor node (full with LN) Also be sure to have a backup node offline for any emergency and backup bitcoin time chain

backup bitcoin time chain

What is this?

A backup of the bitcoin time chain



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Why though? One is enough...

core lightning rust lightning

each on a rasp pi setup

and a bitcoin core node on a dedicated computer.

because im crazy

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Does running Breez count? That’s a LnD node, right 😇?

Indeed, Breez is a LN node. Few bitcoiners know that you can run a private node on your mobile too. https://darthcoin.substack.com/p/darth-and-chewie

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Reminder that this poll will likely have a self-selection bias from people who run nodes.

No, but have plans to before end of year

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i run full node with LN/Explorer BTC/Ride The light/Electrum Server

RTL is great on raspiblitz 😍

Guys I'm doing this on an old laptop and the sync'ing is very slow. I've upped db cache to the max value allowed on 64 bit processors. So it's not so much that I run a node. I sync a node. For at least two weeks now. Any advice welcome.

Sync is pretty slow on HDDs

full node w/o lightning

opps ment to put w/ node

What and which are "light nodes"?

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My fat finger slipped, and pressed the wrong one.

Noooooo it's immutable....

Oh the horror.

I would pay 1000 sats to change my vote rn.

Quite confusing options. Define full node and light node. You can have several combinations today, full/light/neutrino/spv/mobile/desktop/browser and combinations of them. Is just a matter of knowledge and testing.

Maybe :)

Yes 1 full node with LN

Oh wow, 30%? And that on an enthusiast plattform like SN? Really shows you how early we still are.