He claims to personally know multiple people with 100x more bitcoin than Michael Saylor.

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Here's my humble take,

  • From what I gather DarthCoin stacked up on BTC early on, which allowed him to retire and now in his free time he's providing great BTC tutorials and balancing that by being a dick to random users everywhere else.
  • Of course this includes sometimes being right and sometimes lying / making up facts and posing them as "the truth" (the trick is to say 80% truth to balance 20% lies).
  • For the users getting triggered by DarthCoin comments - this is a great spot to train your self-control in not getting triggered. Take a breath, count to 10. Get used to it, get used to people having a different opinion and not being "nice" about it. The beauty of Stacker News is that you have the power and responsibility to use your sats wisely to change the world.
  • Even though DarthCoin likely pushes away some number of new folks wanting to enter the community, I ultimately see DarthCoin as a benefit to Stacker News, because DarthCoin is providing useful test cases for the incentive model and is likely representative of the things that are to come with more usage.


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Nah. I see a lot of sugar coating here. Net positive and being welcoming and humble is always better than being even 20% dick. Over the top proclaiming things like "You don't know what you are talking about you n00b, THIS THE WAY. Accept it or get out" is far more damaging than saying, "You know what, yeah you do got a point, and we should explore it more, but here's why I have strong opinions on xyz". No one knows everything remember and can't know everything, so how about show some humility and be welcoming. I hope you take this is as positive criticism Darth.

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Even though DarthCoin pushed away new users, you see him as a benefit? Man.. so far everything i've read of his is supremely toxic. He commented earlier saying Germans aren't real germans anymore because of America.

Is it possible to block someone on this site?

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Yes, I do for the reasons mentioned above. I think some type of blocking feature would be useful if you just don't want to deal with the user. I'd say though that it should cost you some sats and then potentially if person gets blocked a lot it could cost them more sats to post too :)

Undesirable activities should cost more sats, but at the same time we need to incentivize censorship resistance... so this is a bit of balance that will be changing over time too :)

nobody gives a fuck of your shitposting

If you're triggered by Darth, sell your bitcoin and .eth in your twitter handle and listen to the bankless podcast and stop wasting time here

How about no.

What many shitcoiners still do not get it: I am here to make them spend their valuable sats (that they still do not appreciate them at real value) and give them to other bitcoiners.

Imagine shitcoiners doing incredible effort to sell their shitcoins in exchange for few sats to be able to post on SN. hahahaha and then lose them shitposting against me.

They have no idea with who they are talking... LOL


Sufficiently triggered. I agree with ridding all shitcoins for bitcoins though.

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I agree with Darth on this one.

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At least Darth contributes to the space by writing excellent guides. What have you done for Bitcoin?

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If I contributed by writing some nice guides, but then turned around and had sex with your mom, would you still like me?

So you want to say Darth fucked your mom?

I don't like Darth either. But at least he's working for Bitcoin. Not JUST shit posting.

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I don't JUST shit post, I tried my best the last few days to contribute meaningful polls and discussions. I never made any outrageous claims though. So he made a few guides, great. He still has a piss poor attitude.

being friendly is the best way to win allies


Sometimes goodwhen you think "lmao savage" šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Sometimes bad when you think roll your eyes šŸ™„, sigh,and say "oh come on dude"

you are a "new bitcoiner", you don't know me,... yet. My main motto is "smile, tomorrow will be worse..." My 2nd motto is: "fuck'em'all, if is not a real bitcoiner" HFSP

... yet.


Nevermind, he is a troll. Writes good guides though. How about this:

The most genuinely valuable, productive community troll that I've ever seen.

Seriously, the amount of work he does deserves immense respect. He kind of sabotages that by acting like a child, but that's his choice.

He kind of sabotages that by acting like a child, but that's his choice.

That is "engagement" to provoke shitcoiners to show their true face and spend their stas here. They don't deserve to have sats. Only true bitcoiners. I hate shitcoiners. Hate me for that if you like, I don't fucking care.

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So you are telling me that you want to write guides for newbies and at the same time "scare" them into giving them their sats. Lmao, just admit that you are over the top sometimes. Don't act like this is intentional. No doubt your guides are useful to alot of newbies but how about let it be at that and also stay humble.

newbies bitcoiners, not shitcoiners. Is a big difference.

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Nah mate, I have seen you dunk on innocent noobs trying to learn on Plebnet TG and some other LN related TG groups. Ain't no shitcoiners gonna make their way into an LN TG group. They busy looking at price of their shitcoins. So don't give me that excuse. Someone being curious about LN/BTC or even critical isn't a shitcoiner, their learners and on their way to understand LN/BTC better.

I have seen you dunk on innocent noobs trying to learn on Plebnet TG

I was never on plebnet TG group. Am I dunk? Maybe. Are the shitcoiners offended by my words? I don't fucking care. If they are newbies, they better listen to my words. Later they will remember me, even if I yell or talk shit to them. But later they will thank me.

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Annnd this is where I loose you. Quit your rubbish god complex. Do you know everything there is to know about LN/BTC there is that what you always say is correct? Or numerous other topics you claim to know as truth. Dunning-Kruger effect is what is at play here. Write good guides and link them in places - all good, in fact I have given links to your guides to other people as well, but quit acting like you know it all and everyone should listen to what you got to say. And you not being in Plebnet TG is an outright lie xD - shows that you are indeed a shameless lier.

And I know that English isn't your first language so I'll spare you the mistake of misunderstanding the phrase "dunking on someone" with "getting drunk". Maybe you should learn from this and spare your dear newbies ("shitcoiners") also? No?

And you not being in Plebnet is a outright lie

Show me logs where I posted on plebnet. Yes, I was active on other LN TG groups, but not on plebnet. You accuse me of lying with no proof. The burden fall on you not on me.

Do you know everything there is to know about LN/BTC

No, I don't know everything. But I learn every fucking day something new, more than many shitcoiners here, that are busy with shitcoining.

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Show me logs where I posted on plebnet. Yes, I was active on other LN TG groups, but not on plebnet.

Must be another channel then. Maybe RoF? I don't remember, but my point was that you showed unnecessary toxicity on some noob, in one of the LN channels, doesn't matter which channel. Everyone there is there to learn and make friends and grow LN/BTC

Maybe RoF? I don't remember

So you accuse me to be a damn liar with no proof, just a stupid supposition. So what makes you then? Next time think twice when you accuse somebody to be a liar.

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Hey darth why dont you go suck an egg

shitcoin eunuchs like you don't have eggs

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Troll go roar! Feed troll.

Nice, For more you reply, more SN receive. So I receive also. Keep going shitcoiner. I like how shitcoiners reveal their true face and spend their sats.

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Hey Darth! I appreciate the reply. It gave me more sats when you replied just now. You da real MVP!

(Still not a shitcoiner, but I know your brains are made of manure and it's difficult reading )

Still not a shitcoiner

Prove it to me and you get some sats. I have plenty of time and sats to spend here, I am retired on BTC and I do not have to work anymore for fiat mining to buy more BTC (like you).

Let me see your next 10 posts here only about Bitcoin and show me you are a true bitcoiner.

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Lol I don't hate you for that.

You sound like Cuno, from Disco Elysium, if you ever played that game. Watch some sound bits of him on YouTube, pretty hilarious.

He's getting you to spaz out. lol

@DarthCoin is principled. Like the Richard Stallman of Bitcoin.

hahaha imagine his frustration level that made him to post a poll about me LOL

The thing about 2 times 1.7 million Bitcoin was a lie. So don't trust anything he says - you should not trust either way, remember? "Don't trust, verify"

And he's very provocative. It's annoying at first but just get used to it. A lot of enthusiast Bitcoiners are like this.

That's a lame excuse.

I think the random larping, lying and swearing doesn't help anyone. Least of all newbies trying to get feedback and information.

Darth... I hope he has a hobby or two outside of Bitcoin, but there is no denying his great contributions to the scene with his excellent guides, articles and tutorials.

Is he a troll? No, but he does talk like one once in a while.

This poll is more a troll than DarthCoin

He's foolishly trying to save you all from yourselves.

You'll never listen, though.

I'm convinced he is yes

Being toxic comes across as sincere. I have never found something that a bitcoiner is being toxic about to be wrong. I think it comes from being right, and just being annoyed at all the idiots that choose not to get it.


He's a dick

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Ever heard of hyperbole? šŸ¤£