What up stackers! We're back for a quick update: Today we're announcing the release of our new Word Level Transcripts API!
Have you ever heard a great point in a talk/podcast and not able to find it later? CASCDR Voice to Text fixes this . Just upload or provide a link to an mp3 or mp4 file and CASCDR comes back with your transcript:
Previously we launched this service as a proof of concept. Truthfully it was not good enough so we went ahead and upgraded it:
  • 20 min media limit -> 5 hour limit
  • Single Monolthic Transcript -> You can get full transcript, sentence level timestamps or word level timestamps
We implemented this new API in our YouTube Logic App to integrate the entire workflow. With just a YouTube URL you can explore, search and copy the entire transcript to your clipboard.
Searching the latest SNL with @Car and @k00b for updates on BOLT12
At CASCDR we believe that lightning enables a future of open, flexible, decentralized and truly useful AI applications and agents. A boon for humanity that cannot be overstated. Each and every service we create provides value to humans today but is also available to automated software and AI services from day 1. If this application interests you hit us with suggestions/questions/thoughts in the comments!
If you want virtually unlimited access to this tool or many others we offer CASCDR Amber for $9.99/month . Otherwise we also accept payments through the @Alby Bitcoin Connect plugin!

Additional Links/Materials

That's it for today! If you made it this far thank you! Here is a list of more CASCDR materials you can check out: SN Post about CASCDRVision AI Clipping Tool: #568299 SN Post about YouTube Summarizer Agent: #418051 CASCDR Appearance on AI Unchained with @GuySwann_nostr :
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73 sats \ 0 replies \ @Car 7 Jul
šŸ”„ Killer update, looking forward to playing with it this week at the lab!
Thanks for sharing! I'll definitely use this on my SatsMate podcast! :)
am amazed how the landscape of word-level transcripts APIs continues to expand and improve, driven by advancements in AI, machine learning, and user demand for more accurate, efficient, and versatile transcription solutions.
Nice update.
Pretty cool!
I just checked the APIs that @cascdr exposes and most of them seem like a good match for the L402 protocol.
Happy to help in case you want to integrate it to paywall your APIs!