Hey bumi from Alby here. You can follow the conversation over at mastodon: https://podcastindex.social/@merryoscar/109025890806267379
this for sure is fucked up and wrong. everyone who knows Alby knows that we are all about collaboration and interoperability (I mean we completely work in the open and everything can be reviewed etc.). We very much belief that lightning can only win with collaboration, interoperability and when we support each other. And you can see that in all our work.
Here it seems we for sure f*cked up. We published a guide to make it easier for podcasters to get on lightning and as it turns out parts of that have been used from Fountain without attribution. No matter how little it was, that's a no-go and attribution is a must. I was not aware of that, and did not do the required review to know what is published in the name of Alby. Until I could review this I have taken it offline (if somebody wants to see it and verify it, let me know).
Those are now only words, and words mean nothing, but I hope that our commitment to openness and collaboration in our past actions speak louder for itself.
Thanks @Alby Bumi for this. Will check out the links.
Will you consider an AMA here on SN? I found the AMA's quite useful in getting to understand the culture of the platforms, much more effective than on Twitter.
Thanks for apologising bumi - I appreciate that this was a mistake and don't hold a grudge.
Looking forward to collaborating more with alby in the future.