A few days ago, I said I am going to take out a loan to buy more bitcoin. This is the post: https://stacker.news/items/71281

I mentioned there, I would have an appointment at a bank today. Unfortunately, the bank called me and told me that since I was a student, I would need to bring in my application for a student loan. That wasn't written on their website during my online application for a loan for free disposal.

Since that would mean I don't get a lump sum but only monthly payments (instead of me paying monthly), I didn't call them again to make out a specific time for today.

But now I think, maybe I should call them and clarify: I am not interested in a student loan but private loan. Let's see.

I already looked up other banks but there is a bug while verifying during application: I already successfully verified myself with an agent but the online application still shows it as "verify to continue". And if I want to verify again, it says: Already verified.

Why are all my experiences with banks like this? Haha

There was few days ago a guy that posted on SN his experience, in three parts, with taking a loan from a bank to buy more BTC. I can't find it now. The search option in SN is not so well trained.

@k00b we really need an option top "save for later"a post and keep a link in user profile or something.

But that story is truly well detailed and interesting.

Ah, yeah. Would be nice to read this story, thanks for searching! I assume he wasn't a student like me?

I am still looking for it. It is a very interesting and well written experiment. I wish I save it that day but I was busy with something else.

Haha, no worries. Good to see that even the mighty DarthCoin forgets to bookmark something

I called the bank again now to clarify. I was told the bank will call me again for a new appointment and he noted that I do not want a loan for education but instant payout since my last application was most likely already rejected due to my status as a student.