A couple posts you might find useful:

Freelancing platforms which pay in Bitcoin https://cointastical.medium.com/freelancing-platforms-which-pay-in-bitcoin-e38be56166df

How you could end up with bitcoin even though you didn’t buy any https://cointastical.medium.com/how-you-could-end-up-with-bitcoin-even-though-you-didnt-buy-any-4d1780436d66

1000 sats from me

Thank you so much!

Try also https://www.earncarrot.com/ app. You read Bitcoin magazine articles and get sats in return. Also they have an education program, you learn more about Bitcoin and get paid and a prize of 1M sats https://bitcoinmagazine.com/21-days-thank-you

This is inspiring! Please continue pushing, never stop!

Do you have a plan to get housing? Is that something that you want to do? How many sats monthly would enable you to do that?

Have you considered writing a regular online diary here on SN? I for one would be very interested in reading about your progress and tipping you for the privilege. You have already demonstrated that you are a good story teller. You might be an inspiration for others.