I admire your patience but I advise you to let it go, it's a lost cause.

We bitcoiners will build our alternative platforms and stop begging others for permission.

To put some context into this thread, this is a continuation of the saga which began in my previous post here After Sourcehut, Codeberg is trying to ban crypto projects from hosting its code . They had since locked the thread, to try to avoid the media frenzy. They re-opened it a few days ago. I will post my comment in full below, because I believe inclusiveness is a human right for all. (Wall of text warning)

If you think this is not so important because Codeberg is not a big source control site, then just imagine if this was Github or Gitlab doing this. Try to imagine all the backlash they would get from the wider world. This recent trend of Git sites harassing crypto developers and their projects must be stopped.

Looks like my watch notifications paid off then.

I intended to comment here, but you locked the thread two days earlier.

Let me make one thing clear here, I do not use Codeberg - this account was made a week ago just to comment here. I am an open-source developer of various projects on Github including software which interaxts with cryptocurrencies: https://github.com/ZenulAbidin

As it stands, I lose nothing by a Codeberg ban on crypto projects. However, other devs who have crypto code on Codeberg have everything to lose, so what I write is is for them, not for me.

Everyone - You know, this thread is called: "Taking a stand against cryptocurrency/blockchain", and it would be more accurate to call it "Taking a stand sgainst cryptocurrency/blockchain scams". Because that's what most of the idea behind this thread seems to be about.

It is quite trivial to get rid of blockchain/cryptocurrency scam projects online - using the Report Abuse button. This particular button has been fantastic on Github for taking down various scam copies of crypto projects. I assume you have such a button already - in that case, half of your problem is already solved.

Now that we have got the scams out of the way, let us deal with your second issue surrounding this topic: Excessive energy use of cryptocurrencies. Incidentially, I am also the creator of https://bitcoincleanup.com (NOT cleanupbitcoin). This is a website I made to challenge Greenpeace's and Chris Larsen's (the Ripple Labs co-founder who donated all that campaign money to Greenpease in the first place) false claims about crypto energy usage. They were claiming that if you "Change the Code", everything would be fine and Bitcoin's energy usage would go down.

Isn't it ironic, a crypto guy making a campaign against crypto. But all that is a different topic. First of all, some cryptos like Ethereum are using Proof of Stake, which uses no energy, so this is a non-issue for them. You can't say: "Let's ban the projects of all Ethereum dApps on CodeBerg", because as of September - long before SourceHut contemplated any crypto ban - Ethereum does not even use enormous energy anymore.

Second, for Proof of Work cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin - the myth of excessive energy use has been totally debunked on my website, I suggest you study it carefully. > I will quote a few key points from the site:

Myth: Bitcoin uses as much energy as <country>

The IT, plane, car, transportation, and other industries must utilize large amounts of electricity for data centers, chemical or fuel generation, or heating, in order to provide their services. The same is true for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin needs to use a lot of energy so that its Proof of Work can prevent hackers from stealing people's bitcoins. So far it's been going great, compared to several Proof of Stake coins, which have been breached with 51% attacks.

Some people claim "We know crypto doesn’t need much energy to work." This is very ignorant because freedom from censorship is only possible in Proof of Work - transactions can still be embargoed in other algorithms.

That is to say, that the massive energy use serves to fend off attacks against the Bitcoin network in the same way that CloudFlare generates terabytes of traffic in the process of fending off bot attacks against websites. And incidentially, a lot of energy use from their networking infrastructure. But hey, I don't hear anyone complaining about Cloudflare's carbon footprint, do I? So why are cryptocurrencies so important? Because it's "useless" to you?

I could also make the argument that Cloudflare is useless to me because I do not use it on my website I just linked. But that would be a very ignorant statement, because thousands of businesses, including most of the Fortune 500 companies, rely on Cloudflare to protect their websites from DDoS attacks. It's very effective, and does the job. So its carbon footprint cannot be complained about.

As for Bitcoin and other Proof of Work cryptocurrencies, they server as a form of digital money for people who have no access to banks. This happens to include most of Africa and South America, just so you don't forget. Already in 2022, thousands of people rely on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to store their life savings and conduct day-to-day transactions, because their banking infrastructure is either unreliable and prone to failure, or it is corrupt and liable to funds theft by the respective governments. That is why a large percentage of the world population remains unbanked. So cryptocurrency is the prefect solution to them.

As you know, cryptocurrency relies on software to provide its networking and financial services. The protocols are hosted online, the wallet software are also hosted online, and in some cases the websites of the projects themselves are hosted in some open-source community repo online. Without this software, cryptocurrency cannot work, and the revolution that is providing financial access to so many ubanked people snce 2009 will grind to a halt.

To instantiate a ban of crypto projects just because you heard a few things you don't like about the industry is, at best, madness. It does two very bad things: First, the developers working on crypto projects on your site will have their work disrupted and they will have to migrate to a new webste. For what?

Second, it sends a negative signal across the industry that code hosting projects do not care about the mission statement that underlines most crypto projects - to provide financial access of money to everyone.

And you are doing this for what exactly?

To prevent crypto scams? Sorry, but even if all open source hosting sites like Github banned cryptocurrency projects this instant, there would still be crypto scams being perpretrated because the developers would just move to self-hosted Gitea.

Or is it as a protest against crypto's excessive energy use? Well we have already established that excessive energy usage is not useless when it is to protect services.

So, then, what benefit will banning crypto projects from Codeberg bring?

The only thing that will come out of this is crypto developers on you platform will be frustrated and will have to move their entire repo to another website. Is this really all that you want this proposal to bring about? Because I know that there is some sense of altruism in the goal of this proposal.

Unfortunately, that sense of altruism is misguided, for reasons I have explained above.

A version control platform is not supposed to make developers' lives difficult. It is supposed to make them easier.

If we were talking about banning malware projects, gambling projects, or adult projects, then you would be on to something here. But this is cryptocurrency, whose use is legal in all jurdistinctions - with the exception of a handful of nations who don't seem to like it at all, but I will leave them out of this discussion.

I completely agree with @jvanname that, and I quote: "We need people to develop cryptocurrencies without being harassed, banned, and shamed because cryptocurrencies can save countless lives."

Do you guys agree with this or no?

We are already protecting the rights of minority groups, sexual orientations, and activists. Is crypto really that malicious to you guys to go as far as believing that crypto developers need to be bothered?

Some of you believe SourceHut did "an incredibly brave thing" by banning crypto projects from its platform. But far from being brave, it is a misguided thing, and a very dangerous decision to make because it could sway other source control sites to harass crypto developers on their platforms. Do not enable repressive behavior.

Don't forget that the following is on your own homepage (emphasis mine):

Respect Your data is not for sale. No third party cookies, no tracking. Hosted in the EU, we welcome the world.

So this means you welcome everyone except for crypto developers? As a privacy-focused source control site, I expected more inclusion to be granted to users.

My last remark, before closing this post, is one of history.

In the 1990s the NSA attempted to make distribution of strong cryptography software illegal. They failed. Why? Because everyone distributed the source code via different mediums such as CDs, books, coffee mugs and T-shirts.

You know, "crypto" got its name from cryptography. And also, many regulators and web services who similarly do not understand crypto properly also want to ban us. But our motto is: If you ban us in one place, we will appear in ten more places.

If you don't believe me, just look how many websites are hosting a copy of the Bitcoin whitepaper ever since Craig Wright tried to sue bitcoin.org to take it down.

-Ali Sherief (Zenul_Abidin)

As they have all trying to take control over this insurance of freedom and i think we might do something immediately for bitcoin to rise again and for its adoption to be carried over the next decades, it is our responsibility to take control over our personal finance and never let these third parties ruin the kingdom we once have been dreaming of to achieve. But there was a really good point you reffered to there!

Thanks for trying to communicate sense into them. I doubt they'll care. The types of people behind these projects are the SJW larpers with fox tail plugs coming out of their asshole that hate other people being successful. They aren't doing these git projects because github is doing censorship (which in fact has LESS censorship than them). They're doing it because Github won and built a massively successful company off of a protocol that a big company bought and these people HATE that. Just look at the Mastodon communities, same types of larps. The second someone does something they don't like, they scheme to punish them like their absent father's never did.

I had some emails back and forth between the asshole that runs source hut months ago and same type of dude. He made it clear I wasn't welcomed. They hate the idea that they didn't get in on bitcoin when they found out about it and other people are successful. Meanwhile in love with stripe and government controls. I don't get it other than they are FOSS larps that want to stay within their own happy go lucky world that they built for themselves online.