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Nice! 💪🏻💪🏻

Paste the lightsats invoice here so I can fund it

Thank you for the detailed information about LNURL-auth! I had been using Breez, BlueWallet and need to try out Phoenix!

Also your feedback as well on using Zeus which is connected to my umbrel node is even better!

We just developed a web app (https://lightsats.com) during the BOLT🔩FUN Legends of Lightning⚡️Tournament which we have enabled LNURL-auth for bitcoiners as the main authentication method!

It's such an easy authentication method and also great for privacy without having to give out any personal identifiable information and also not have to remember an email or password for each site.

Since we launched the web app 7 weeks ago we've been able to get around 600 users which surprisingly 54% have authenticated via LNURL-auth 🎉🎉

I really wish other wallets start supporting it besides just Breez, Phoenix or BlueWallet.

Also some sites have also started allowing users to link multiple wallets to their profile in case they don't have access to the device when trying to access the site, this is the case for the https://bolt.fun site.

Thank you🤗

If you want to tip yourself you’d have to authenticate as a new user so you can claim tip, it won’t allow you the claim your own tip. So once the tip is created you’d have to go to your private browser and open the link there so you start a new session.

If you don’t want to authenticate with a different account you can reclaim the tip and withdraw it back to your wallet. D222-F737-D124-49-EA-ABB2-6568-CE646001.png


Absolutely, already gotten some pull requests on our github for Portuguese, German, we have people who will help with Italian, French and I will work on Spanish. https://github.com/lightsats/lightsats/pull/34

This is amazing @nerd2ninja I am forever grateful for the time you took to test our product and share it here on Stacker News!🙂

I was very curious to see who it was that jumped right up to position #2 on our Leaderboard 🏆 https://lgt.st/scoreboard mobile-76.png

I really enjoyed all experiences you have written about, from yours to your co-worker to your girlfriend.

With your experience, LNURL-withdrawal is one of the easiest ways to get someone new to withdraw their funds to their own wallet. Our first proof of concept had it where you had to first generate an invoice on your wallet then go back to Lightsats and paste it there and authorize the transaction which is what you mentioned you have been used to do. But for a completely new user experience we wanted to cut down the steps the user would have to do in order to get them to withdraw. I think we still need to do work on that withdrawal page, the QR code is not intuitive for a new user and they don't know they can just simply click on it to open the wallet they had just downloaded, we did add a button at the that says "Open in wallet" which helps with this. Tippee-Step-4.png

For your co-worker experience, I really like this one given that I have also tested with a few co-workers and they did not follow-through the onboarding and did not download a wallet, so once the tip had been expired I was able to reclaim those sats and sent them off to my own wallet. We just introduced notifications via SMS or Email which notifies the user that their tip will expire within a 24hr period of time. We have to continue working on this to make sure we notify the user and incentivize them to follow through and complete the onboarding. We will not be able to get 100% success rate so there will be some cases where Lightsats won't work but maybe in a few years when the price of bitcoin has gone up they will remember that first experience and be more receptive to it. Also one of the awesome features we have is the live user journey update, so you can tell where the user dropped off and if you have a personal relationship with them you can guide them through yourself and at least show a few examples of things they could do with their sats.

Your girlfriend's experience I'm glad she was able to follow-through with one of our wallet recommendations, from the testing we have been doing Breez & Phoenix really has one of the easiest onboarding experiences, you just need to download the app and you're ready to add sats right away. The wallet backup is not intrusive and the UI is a really nice one. I'm glad she was able to withdraw her sats using the LNURL-withdraw QR code. not sure if she opened up the link on a desktop and was able to scan the screen with her phone or if she opened the link on her phone and clicked on the link to open the wallet.

Again thank you so much for the detailed feedback and for taking the time to test our product and test it with your other users!

The final submission for the BOLT🔩FUN - Legends of Lightning ⚡️Tournament is tomorrow, so we will be submitting pitch video and a final story about the product, our progress and the future of Lightsats!

Hope to have some updates for you guys soon on how it goes.

Whoever makes it to the end of this comment can claim these 1000 sats https://lightsats.com/tips/clatx8t4w000rcyf68mn70oad/claim

Send me a new invoice, I think when I tried with this one it expired!

But make sure you send me the invoice from our site https://lightsats.com

Thank you mate! Hope you will be able to use the product with people around you.

Just funded your invoice, looks like you sent me one from Wallet of Satoshi.

Shoutout from the Lightsats Team!✌🏼

Question about businesses being onboarded, I tried going to a local restaurant called Hometown BBQ here in Miami, they were listed on btcmap.org and also on iBex Pay map indicating that they accepted bitcoin as payments. As soon as I went to go ask the Cashier if they did she got all nervous and immediately said no.

So I feel like some business owners want to start accepting bitcoin payments but their staff are not being properly trained or educated on the subject and most often enough will prefer to say no.

What do you think would be the correct approach to have business owners properly train their staff?

And how can the community help?

Thank you!

We have our final submission for the Legends of Lightning ⚡️Tournament coming up next week so we're extremely excited about it and very proud of the hard work we've put in these past 5 weeks!

Also thanks for being a part of this via SN and always in engaging with our posts!

Thank you, we'll continue reiterating as we go and thanks for expressing this concern.

There's still a lot of testing to do with pre-coiners need to find the best way possible to accomplish all we're trying to do without those.

Just this week we recently introduced reminder notifications via sms or email, which is one way to help a new user push through the onboarding flow, a lot of the tests I've done with non bitcoiners many have gotten stuck in the wallet download/selection area, so now we're notifying the user 24hrs before the tip expires so they can go back to the site and withdraw their sats.

NIce, thanks for thinking of us! This could definitely be something that could complement Lightsats possibly collaborating with other companies to accomplish this.

@stackerStacker - This is a really amazing idea!

There are some companies right now doing something similar, @bitcoinrocks is doing some Guerrilla Marketing campaigns, they are shipping out free bitcoin stickers like these and are engaging with bitcoiners by having them post a picture of the sticker placed somewhere in public on Twitter along with an invoice for 21000 sats to be rewarded for it. https://bitcoin.rocks/bitcoin-stickers Screen-Shot-2022-11-19-at-6-01-42-AM.png

So this one only rewards a bitcoiner for putting the stickers out there and not so much the person scanning the QR Code, but it does take the users to this landing page where they can start reading about bitcoin. https://bitcoin.rocks/inflation

Their site is extremely visually appealing, it does not look intimidating for a new user and has lots of educational material and guides they have.

Another company that rewards for reading and learning about bitcoin is https://earncarrot.com which is owned by https://b.tc

And there are these other types of Billboard Campaigns that were done] by @cryptograffiti the Twitter handle they used is @btcvsfed Es-h-BZWUw-AIb0-Pt.jpg

Et0qy-CNUYAc-M1v-B.jpg Er-Tyi-UNU0-AEtm-Rq.jpg

Thank you!🎉 the support from the SN community has been amazing so far!

Lightsats just broke 400 registered users 🎉

My goal is to hit 500 by Sunday night before I post our weekly updates 🎯


Update on the Lightsats scoreboard!

We're almost going to hit our 1M sats goal 🎯

In case you want to join in on the fun - Here's 1000 sats up for grabs🎉


Confirmed on Twitter that your invoice was funded!🎉

Invoice funded🎉✌🏼

Feel free to reclaim the sats back to your wallet or in case you want to test sending it out to someone else feel free to share the link!

Invoice funded 🎉✌🏼

Feel free to reclaim the tip back to your wallet or in case you want to test it sending it to someone else you can share the link!

Thank you for the suggestion, just added them to the list :)

I'm building a Google Sheet with all the different companies we can list on our guides - https://lgt.st/bitcoin-companies

Also invoice has been funded🎉✌🏼

Feel free to reclaim the sats back to your wallet or in case you want to test sending a tip to someone else feel free to share the link.