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Yep! Up on the github under 'new post types.' Sybil resistant polls!

Maybe? idk we might be able to just nix free stuff unless you use an invite link.

Person claims it’s not spam but seems define spam as bot driven. I just need to remove free posts.

I think removing free posts/comments is the first step, then having subs that are more expensive/Sybil resistant, and if that’s not enough downvotes are the way.

Okay, if this isn’t spam why are posting these here?

Even at $45, it's still an awesome price point.

Only paper money will be accepted for Bitcoin purchases. [...] Coins are not accepted.

Darn, I have a big piggy bank I wanted to convert to BTC.

After inserting bills into the machine, a paper voucher is issued. The next stage involves setting up a Coinme account and passing a know-your-customer (KYC) check before the voucher can be redeemed. The machine charges a 4% fee for the bitcoin option, plus another 7% cash exchange fee, according to the Coinstar website and verified by CoinDesk.

Pricey and KYC but cool to see.

Curious how this will work. I often have trouble connecting the dots on what Impervious is doing. Perhaps because they're thinking much further ahead than I'm capable.

Also Chase confirms in the comments that it has something to do with Ion and DIDs. I've encounter 2 legit Bitcoiners working on DIDs recently.

My guess is anyone on this board has wayyyyy more than average.

I met Gloria in the Chaincode Labs Lightning seminar. She was in my very first discussion group. She kind of hinted at what she was working on but at the time I didn't understand the significance.

Mempool/relay policy enhancements are very important for higher layer protocols because they deal in unconfirmed transactions. Having more levers for increasing the probability that a transaction gets in a block is a big win.

This is a great resource. Highly recommend if you want to get deeper on protocol design.

It's just labeling the button, not the current sort. The sort of the homepage is 'hot.' I kind of intended it as a customizable button which goes to either 'recent' or 'top' depending on what you viewed last. It's not a normal UX pattern but it's what I wanted.

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I know @Klutzleo from high school!

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I meant it as a way to allow other users to say hello. fiatjaf also didn't like this.

I just sent @chiyo888 1000 sats.

I suspect what happened is they visited the invite link, then navigated around the site, then logged in but not through the invite link? It only works if they signup at the invite link page and the user sending it has enough sats.

Or there’s a bug. I’ll investigate further.

Whether it’s http or ssh won’t matter. It’s something with the environment not getting picked up.

They should’ve gone to her stacker news wallet if she logged in through the link you sent. If no one minds, can you share her username so I can look into it?

It’s not obvious to me what’s going wrong.

No, those are just warnings. For some reason docker-compose isn't picking up the .env.sample file. You are running docker-compose aren't you?

Can you try enclosing all the bracketed variables in quotes. e.g.


and see if that works?