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Oh, we have some logic that says if your username is 6 characters or longer, hide the price on mobile sized screens. I can tune this to be less discriminating if your screen size can support it.

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Warning: this comment is rated PG-13 for vulgarity

How long before someone builds a Lightning NFC tap to pay cock ring that makes sex work value for value? 🤔

this lol

I finished a low effort donate page yesterday. Going to see if I can jam through turbo tipping today. Then I'll probably round of the week with something low hanging from the backlog.

I'm not the right person to ask for detailed feedback from. I'd only be able to simulate the intended user. I'd reach out to many of the Bolt Fun entrants and see what the pain points of implementing their projects were. Maybe there's overlap.

It sounds interesting, like a wrapper around any lnurl compatible wallet (which is how I assume you'd pay to WOS and Bluewallet). I can see some developers being intimidated by lnurl.

I believe this is why Strike.me currently has no cost

Strike has low costs because they've raised 10's of millions of dollars in venture funding and are sacrificing profits for growth. This is a tradeoff consumer products often make.

You aren't building a consumer app - you are building a b2b app. Stripe wasn't free when it started. I recommend you think more about this.

LnPay started charging $99/month (which is very expensive) only a year after starting business

IIRC Tim didn't only start charging until recently, and launched the service nearly 3 years ago.

At the application layer, it's less strict than trad financial rails. The protocol layer is definitely tricky though.

Many conferences are done on shoestring budgets. Maybe someone will come along and do clips for them - I agree it'd be valuable.

Some people will still watch them as is. I've done that before. 2x speed and jumping around a lot.

lnpay was free when it started too FYI. I'd be careful saying "there would be no fees whatsoever" if you plan to eventually charge.

We are still in the ideation stage.

Now this make sense! Lots of the things you are saying about the product are in conflict with each other; e.g. "integrate the Lightning Network into your app without managing a node" while also saying "it's non-custodial - we connect to a node you are running."

would this product be useful for you?

I don't really understand what you're building exactly and it doesn't sound like you entirely do either tbh. Currently, I run my own node for SN. I considered using lnpay when I first started but decided not to. Another service which I would explore - were I exploring (which I'm not) - would be River Lightning Service. Again, I'm not sure how your product differs exactly, and unless I did, I would use products where I can get more information about how they work.

The main questions I ask myself when choosing a service like this:

  1. what are the time and financial costs relative to me doing it on my own
  2. how much control/permission am I giving them over my product
  3. are they worthy of the control/permission
    • do I trust them to be as available, fully featured, and up to date as something I build on my own
    • will they shut me down or "regulate" the users of my product in a way I don't agree with

If I were you guys, I'd deeply explore those services and figure out why they made the design choices they did - because it sounds like you want to build a better version of those services. Without studying them, you might end up reinventing their wheel rather than improving upon it. Improving their wheel likely entails tradeoffs which you might not fully appreciate yet.

I couldn't find Day 1. Perhaps it wasn't recorded or didn't have talks.

there would be no fees whatsoever

This would be a non-profit or do you plan to make money in some other way?

Also, with this new application, all payments would go directly to your personal wallet.

Does this mean it's non-custodial?

Sorry for all the questions ... there's not much info on your website.

What's the use case for that vs DMs?

What do you hope Apollo looks like in 5 years? What's the grand vision?

What's the most surprising thing you've learned building Apollo so far?

Hey Julian! What other ideas did you explore before starting Apollo?

We'll get there eventually. We're just approaching 1000 monthly spending users. One to one interactions are likely not to have much usage until we're a bit larger.

We think doing things like improving the daily discussion thread to be more chat-like will probably be higher impact than DMs right now. Then a lot of the work we do on that we'll be able to translate into DMs.

What do you guys think of lnpay? Do you imagine yourselves providing a similar service?

He got it. This was linked to the twitter announcement.

I'd guess this has been written about/researched pretty extensively. One of the arguments in favor of pastured cattle is it can revitalize deserts into grassland and "sink" more carbon. I'd guess there aren't significant deviations in normal CO2 metabolism between plants.

Farms, given the machinery and transportation involved in the end-to-end process, probably produce nearly as much carbon as they capture.

I don't know much about him, but from what I've seen, he does a great job of delivering passionate speeches. I imagine his spoken frustrations energize certain political bases.

Economic times like these tend to lead to polarizing, populist leaders. It seems like woke, socialist leaders win out in the average case though. It'd be exciting if he wins. I imagine it'd have a bit of domino effect in other countries.

It's a massive wealth transfer from the have nots to the have yachts