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Formik is great! I use it for all of SN's forms

I don’t see why not

Overall CPI: 9.3% Energy CPI (Tiebreaker): 45.8%

They have a standard for encrypted messages. You can start here: https://github.com/nostr-protocol/nostr. It's more of a 'why' than a 'how' but it's a good starting point then I'd join the telegram and ask questions.

Just realized this is pretty broken on wide screens. But if you narrow your browser window it looks good

What's are the biggest challenges your portfolio companies share?

What's something you believe about bitcoin that few bitcoiner agree with you on?

Welcome Myles! πŸ€—

I want it to go mainstream eventually and I think it will. I want more than me and a handful of people to benefit from it.

Plus, more people invested, means the price will rise, means more security and things built on top (which are likely improvements over existing solutions), means a more productive economy and more wealth and more thriving people and so on.

In order to pay to a lightning node, you need to know it's pubkey. It's kind of like always receiving bitcoin to the same address.

I don't know, but that'd be cool even if it would make mining a lot less private.

Are you going to be raising money for Damus? Why or why not?

What are the main challenges you see nostr facing as it scales? How do you think they should be solved?

Lol looks like I'll have to remove free posts too.

This is a pretty fun visualization. I don't understand why Ethereum has additional cars and Bitcoin doesn't. Isn't that supposed to be future blocks from the mempool?

I guess I'm making SN and Pleb Lab. I also try to participate in the Austin Bitcoin community and support friendly Bitcoin founders where I can.

I'll be expanding it to more options. 10 might be enough. For this, you'll probably want like 20