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Now we live in an era of “no true bitcoiner” due to competition amongst virtue signalers.

I agree with this. Hate swiftly descends on nearly anyone working in/on bitcoin. It seems like bitcoin has gotten big enough to have red and blue bitcoiners.

My worker process, queues a job to post this everyday at 5am and pin it.

Footnotes work.1


  1. but <sub> and <sup> don't I guess. I'll create a GH issue.

It kind of all depends on how dependent bitcoin's price is on onramps, or how dependent trader whales think bitcoin's price is on onramps.

Then, the price will regress to reality, ie there being no better place to put your money when the government is trying to take it from you, and people will buy bitcoin however they can. Then, as governments get more and more aggressive, the Streisand effect will ratchet up awareness of "reality."

@cointastical has been asking for this for a long time. I'm open to it if the UX can be made good.

No-coiners orange pilling themselves when they realize government's are lying to them.

That’s a really good question!

@murch probably knows. I don’t want to just guess.

I'm moving, bleh. Continuing nostr stuff and hiring related stuff too.

I feel like every couple of months there's a new one of these that never launches.

I’d start by defining rich and defining successful.

Too afraid to but the fact that it's possible is amazing.

Yes. We know the playbook is more inflation and fast, but I have no idea what it'll look like. Still haven't read my copy of When Money Dies.

Do eCash mints mitigate any of the legal liability as far as we know?

Got me too.

I finally made pinned threads sort by recent by default fyi

It was a wallet bug that could’ve resulted in loss of funds. I paid them what they thought was fair which was 2.5m sats I think.