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Given the (current) lack of interoperability, are you concerned that a small pool of users may be spread too thin amongst the various protocols, thus making it even more difficult for any one protocol to achieve network effects?
Given the open source nature of the protocols, what do you see as the best way for protocols to attract users? Court a centralized entity to dedicate itself to a protocol and perform business development functions for that specific protocol?
Specifically interested in which features of the various protocols will be interoperable with each other. Eg/ will the DID’s within Block’s TBD protocol be interoperable with Holepunch and/or Synonym’s Slashtags?
Looking forward to seeing the projects that come from this!
Anyone know any of the investors involved in the round?
Also curious how you view centralization risks of a few large players routing the majority of transactions.
Damus is rough rn from a ux/ui perspective (I realize it’s super early). Will be interesting to see the evolution of nostr clients for sure.
Do you have plans to build on Lightning in the future?
Indeed. Great to see a bitcoin only VC (Ten31) lead the round.
Congrats Keyan! Well deserved!
Great reminder for all of us to realize the world is a big place outside of our bubble. With the macro situation growing shakier by the day, it’s a good time for founders to make sure they’re prepared and able to withstand a down turn