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Growing up my dad taught me and I did it until I could afford to have someone else do it. Haven't changed the oil myself in years. I do enjoy doing small repairs which typically are more expensive for a mechanic to do though. Stuff that doesn't require special tools.
The feeling of knowing how stuff works and how to fix some things is great though. Highly recommended.
I always wonder about these stats... His were they measuring this in the 1910s vs today. Call me sceptical of the data.
@k00b you do a good job TLDRing stuff. Can we get your brain as a LLM so I can use it all the time?
Good Neighbor, Bad Citizen: Reflections on the Core Social Conflict Revealed by Jesus Christ’s Way of the Cross
Excellent book.
Welcome. Stay humble, stack sats.
Welcome. Stay humble, stack sats.
Others have given great advice I would also co-sign. One thing I would add is prioritize positions/jobs at companies where you can learn from others vs. simply which job pays the most sats. Prioritize learning over earning in the beginning. It will pay off later. If I could go back I would have moved to an agency job much sooner. It ramped up my knowledge and confidence so much faster.
Wild that people are still using TextMate after all these years. I thought it was dead actually. I used it a loooong time ago. Solid editor. Switched to Vim and never looked back.
It is very good. I don't agree with Hoppe on everything, but his writing made me think about things I had never even considered. This is the mark of a good thinker / writer. I feel like that book and Rand's writings really opened my mind.
Kill your word-processor
I forget where I learned this but I never write in these tools. Simple distraction free writing tools are the way. For me, that's Vim.
Also a big fan of txt files. There are things I wrote 15 years ago on a different operating system and I will always be able to open it and read/edit it. Markdown makes this even more powerful. I keep my daily and project notes all in plain text. I can easily sync them to any system and edit them with whatever tool I want.
I love cool tools but interoperability is a huge factor for long term things. You lose that when you opt into a proprietary or even less common open standard.
I just had to zap you 1 sat...
You make a good point. Every "cure" I hear about is worse than the disease.