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It is starting to slow down, the incoming rate has dropped. But mempool.space is also saying we can expect it to be a week before all this backlog is cleared.
It will raise the price a lot, but not that much. Plenty of small transactions are pushing into the front of the line with higher fees. It will impact LN by raising the channel establishment/closing cost.
It's the same everywhere. That's what my point is. Peak fiat is upon us.
Iran is not special. Women in the USA are having their tits cut off by maniac surgeons on the basis of some psychological disorder they are calling "gender dysphoria". Taking drugs that stop their body from growing normally.
Bitcoin helps everyone. Doesn't matter where you are, the plague from monetary debasement has been hurting humans for thousands of years.
I just now read the last part of this article, as I am in the middle of building an anonymising network and just created the cryptosystem for it.
I am a little amused to read that the hardware wallets are using internal entropy only. Proper strong cryptographic random number sources are fairly expensive, complicated devices and I just can't see a little USB stick and given the prices of these devices having a strong CRNG in them...
It's nice to see that this is being addressed, though. Entropy is a very important resource for secure communication systems. There is a limited supply, and in its absence many attacks exist for weakening encryption and giving away information to attackers, if they can inject predictability into the nonces.
The biggest one might be practical for at least a few hours a day mining if you can find enough stuff that will ferment good. Probably need a couple acres of land and a bunch of animals to make it work. Probably wouldn't be much more expensive to just tap some gas (fracking) just a bigger initial spend.
I didn't know what the difference was. Another difference, and the reason why I run both on my android phone is that phoenix has auth but WoS doesn't.
I'm switching to Phoenix, thanks for the tip.
Bolt 12 anonymised messaging will be a dumpster fire of spam, a straight up DoS vector, without being very very very carefully thought out. I don't think it will be implemented and will ultimately be moved outside of the purview of LN because it is simply too big to fit into a single Bolt.
I'm working on a project to build precisely an anonymisation relay network targeted at providing client side anonymity to user propagating transactions on Bitcoin or running privacy protected Lightning channels. It's purposely being constrained to that scope, as the "exit node" being LN and BTC nodes, to initially focus the implementation and shorten time to market, and reduce the feature set size to start with.
Ultimately it is intended that it will become the de facto transport for all Bitcoin and Lightning Network traffic, and grow the anonymity set with every kind of network service imaginable, and later implementing rendezvous routing to enable hidden services.
It's just me, l0k1(8) working on it for now. Participating in maker.bolt.fun Legends of Lightning to hopefully win a little extra funding but I have a sponsor who is keeping me from needing to chase any other thing. I am trying to keep my focus on the code but nobody else is doing the marketing either so I have to deal with that too.
Having done a fair bit of work training people to use technology, my answer is definitely Wallet of Satoshi. I used breez and after about 5 transactions I got a big stuck transaction. This would not be good for maria, it would ruin her whole week.
We are not talking about throwing kids on bikes without training wheels. We are talking about adults who are doing just fine with cash, relatively speaking. Putting them in the way of "crappy" things happening like stuck transactions is not worth it for them.
I have been signing my commits by default for a long time. Just because it seems like the right thing to do.
SHA1 was "broken" but its still secure enough for Git. Not sure why they haven't upgraded it anyway. "Broken" cryptographic hash function essentially means a downgrade to simple digest checksum function. This is partly why Git didn't upgrade yet. The signatures are SHA256 based PGP, RSA/DSA or EC.
yeah, it's really obvious they are the enemy of the people.
I was born in dry plains inland of mountains. I mostly have lived on mountains over 500m altitude. Fish are a rich source of metaphors because they are promiscuous within connected pools of water and thus resemble social networks in this way.
Yeah, well, I think financial services from EU to RU is verboten, mein komrad.
And in return all ze father land gets to freeze in ze vinter!
Russia is part of europe. Any attempt to separate them is an attempt to subjugate all of europe.
Russians have the minerals, and euros have the factories and technicians.
NATO is attacking russia by starving and freezing germans. Simple as that.
My fellow plebs. Don't stop pointing this stuff out everywhere. Make them amend this because it stinks like week old fish sat in the sun on the beach in high summer.
I'm sticking with brave, Impervious is sniffy af.
If they aren't being up front about their income stream: You are the income stream. Via sales to the NSA and CIA.
Just another NSA honeypot yawn.
It can be really really hard to make serious competent security software with NSA injecting it's spy taps everywhere.
When they don't do an early stage open source, be suspicious.
keet.io has been doing the very same garbage too.
They know the people want it, but they want to use it to lull us into a false sense of privacy.
That should be a new expression:
"lull them into a false sense of privacy".
This is why I'm doing this project Indra. And I don't have any fancy funding, just one small private sponsor at the moment. Might get some more help down the track from sponsors but I'm just as likely to stumble into an entrepreneurial opportunity that is part time and lets me do both.
People wonder why Bitcoin scene is so... not very glossy and slick.
It's because big money comes from slimebags and real people have limited budgets.
Ban the videos, but continue cutting the police budget and reducing the penalties, ok. Sounds like that's gonna help.
frequency of voting. As in, the votes don't matter as much if the user makes them more often, some kind of time decay factor of effect that declines the more votes they make.
There is also the possibility of tracking the circular paths of funds going into these "votes" as well.
Gaming these kinds of forum micropayment systems has got to a point of an art on platforms like Steem and Hive.