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This is correct, because BTC is currently classified as the commodity under the US tax laws. For the payments to work as intended, Bitcoin needs to be re-classified as currency. Transactions less than $300 in currencies (ie foreign currencies) are exempt from schedule D gains/losses reporting.

Now, I personally think that as US becomes more and more dysfunctional, the chances of simply non-enfocement (or rather, a highly selective enforcement) of these mistaken laws will become higher than their repeals.

I think the authentication is intimately tied to donations/tipping/paying for content with sats on the same site anyway, so i don't see a huge downside in reusing the same wallet. Current LN wallets were not designed for huge transactions anyway, it's not where you store your savings

So Rust lightning is practically non-existent? Why?

That's because of the arrogance of the elites. They are thinking of the rest as cattle (deplorables). Here's the choice quote:

But the problem is more fundamental than losing a bit of money. Crypto was built on the idea that you shouldn’t have to trust banks with your money, that people should be able to hold it themselves, hopefully somewhere a little more secure than a mattress. And though you can still technically do that, there’s no guarantee that the value of your tokens won’t someday plummet to zero, thanks to the actions of a few rogue billionaires with outsize effects on the market. This is, transparently, a terrible deal, and a seeming betrayal of that dream of crypto utopianism—the vision of a future without shady intermediaries.

I just assumed since 7 digits of this large font fit on my phone, 5-6 digits of normal font would fit on most phones. I think it can be done with CSS, without JavaScript.

On mobile to read it directly, you can use Brave browser and for NYTimes, disable scripts and all cookies by clicking on Brave logo.

We will post it here, and also give a presentation at the SF Bitcoin Devs meetup when come back to the States

Since the top menu wraps, it seems to have plenty of space

We are going to opensource our Bitcoin blockchain clusterizer / analyzer written in Rust, so ordinary folks can see what kind of data blockchain analytics companies like Chainalysis and Elliptic are selling to the governments. It will have a query API

Too bad the ticker is only visible in landscape on mobile, not in portrait. There's plenty of space for it

Also something that currently suffers from high chargeback rate (aka friendly fraud )

Because when you make laws that are absurd and unenforceable, you get a lawless society in the end, that doesn't respect the law.

According to IRS, when i buy a cup of coffee for 5000 sats, it's a taxable event: i have to convert 5000 sats to USD, then find the USD acquisition price of those 5000 sats and file the difference as capital gains on my schedule D. This is because crypto is not treated as currency, it's treated as an asset for the tax purposes. Foreign currencies have $300 transaction size exemption from capital gains.

How do they know the balances in all exchanges? Is there a link to their method of identifying exchange wallets?

I didn't realize it's a scam video, sorry, was posting late at 3am here. The interview itself looks legitimate however

If you deposit from exchanges you are a climate terrorist

That explains why so far BTC didn't function as an inflation hedge: because by raising interest Fed acted as it should. Once they abandon sane monetary policy again and start debasing, it will rise 😉

Does it allow push notifications for normal PlayStore apps? I thought for that you needed Google Firebase?