I recently joined Nostr and love the idea of it all (obviously duh). ... Nostr clients recognize this and disregard (optionally) or flag content published with the old nsec after

What are the available market places on Nostr?

@TonyGiorgio's post of a few weeks ago is getting tons of traction on nostr.

YakiHonne has launched an early incentive plan to support the development of 50 Nostr relays for the

to Nostr; I'm jumping on this. ... (I've converted at least seven Nostr since then) ... Let's explore this wonderland that Nostr has given us! ... A cute, whimsical and easily digestible guide to get acquainted to Nostr Wonderland, Part two. ... Take back your ⚖digital sovereignty, and it starts here in Nostr 🐹Wonderland.

designed to encourage people to write notes about something other than nostr. ... It's a global feed of every sports-related nostr post from the past two weeks. ... I figure, this might be something useful to get some normal sports fans using nostr. ... International Sports Uncensored International Sports Uncensored I made a nostr client that's specifically

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Obviously, I consider myself a student of Nostr and all things. ... Because Nostr has no algorithms, we need something to help index data, especially for Hungry new users ... So I wanted to dive a bit more as I see a world of potential with Nostr after they just released

Alby is a versatile browser extension that simplifies the use of Bitcoin and Nostr directly within the ... transactions without needing to scan QR codes or switch apps, and allows for the management and generation of Nostr

I understand that Nostr is growing, but ever so slightly. I get bored on there quickly. ... I find that SN is way more beneficial for my attention and educational purposes than Nostr is.

I’ve used alby for most of of Nostr use, but why does primal require the thing (KYC) we’re all trying

If you also share it on nostr, be sure to use the hashtag #FUCdesiger and tag Design\ or @Design

Nostr is relatively new (compared to more established social media platforms).

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