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Looks slick. Good job. And love the name.

Any plans of organizing posts by country (or at least, shipping country)? Not all of us are in the US ;)

Similar privacy can be obtained using certain Rollups on Ethereum, yet one doesn't see the latter being banned from exchanges...

(not my own words)

Have they tried a lot? Are they learning? :)

The point is not to keep it at that value. It's just to start high and bring the values down until payments flow, rather than start very low and have it depleted before you can even raise it to a normal value. FYI, normal values are between 5 and 300 ppm for most of my channels, so not at all partisan of high static fees.

The point of getting it as the default in lnd (don't know about the other implementation's default) for all is that currently there are many fully depleted channels that hamper the reliability of the network. By putting a high default, one has to put some thought/effort into lowering it, thus decreasing the natural pool of depleted channels.

Now I wonder if 10,000 ppm basically blocking flow will then just lead to routing attempts to fail the other way. He probably addresses that somewhere in his links. Will check.

I just looked for my own node, it shows up nicely.

Similar to the searching for alias requests by others, it'd be nice to associate all my peers also to their alias.

Suggestions to things to add, based on what I have already been using other explorers for:

  • response time of each node
  • mention if one or both sides of the channel have disabled the peer
  • compare inbound fees for all the channels of a specific peer

I follow Carsten's logic and would probably support it if it becomes the standard. I have actually already changed the default values in the lnd.conf file so that indeed, I avoid having a channel drained before I've had time to adjust the fees by hand.

I don't think a static number for all nodes makes sense. I use dynamic fees to make sure all channels can work at their best (and, let's be honest, maximize profitability). With fixed fees, some channels would not route at all or would get depleted in no time.

ZFR does not do any active rebalancing of his channels if I remember correctly. So there is no reason for him to monitor 1ppm channels. He just lets things flow as rebalancing would incur a cost that he cannot recoup by routing fees.

You probably haven't heard of Voltage then.

Indeed, goes against the spirit of self-sovereignty.

At the same time, the fact this type of service exists probably tells that most people don't care about this aspect.

Oh yeah! Done now with the bloated database, no?

How is he actually raising funds? I don't see any link in the Twitter thread... did I miss it? I only see the CashApp thingy.

You better follow up on this first message, just made it rain a 1000+ sats on you ;)

So, the sats distributed out are fully covered by the incoming sats from job postings? Or is some own capital used for that? Just curious, no need to share if not opportune at this point ;)

Not a content creator so can't tell about possible interest from the community.

However, I'd put the prices in sats rather than BTC. People familiar with micropayments usually use sats, i think. Or a button to toggle between both.

Good luck!

A set time would be nice.

Maybe a sticky post? But typing it out, i don't like it that much actually... It would imply some moderation to decide what to sticky. Which is not really SN's leitmotiv...

Maybe just announce them over Twitter (unless you already do), couple of days ahead of time.

This paper studies the potential of a cryptocurrency to become a medium of ex- change. We use evidence from a natural experiment: In September 2021, El Salvador became the first country in the world to make bitcoin legal tender, and all economic agents were required to accept bitcoin for all payments. The Salvadorean govern- ment also launched an app, “Chivo Wallet,” which allowed users to digitally trade both bitcoin and dollars, and gave major incentives to download it. We conduct a representative national face-to-face survey to obtain information on bitcoin’s usage and effects. Leveraging this data, we document how, despite the government’s “big push” and a large fraction of people downloading Chivo Wallet, usage of bitcoin for everyday transactions is low and is concentrated among the banked, educated, young, and male population. We also estimate the fixed cost of adopting the new payment technology, the importance of strategic complementarities for users, and the elasticity of substitution between mobile payments and other payment methods.

I think i was unfairly critical. I have listened to two other podcasts of Kevin now and his interview style seems to grow on me. Questions are quite on point. Keep them coming...

Speaking of which, maybe i missed it, but is it possible to announce the AMA dates in a centralised post? I often see them after the deed, lowering the chances to get answers if one has a question...

Good job. In my personal experience, try to target quality too on top of quantity.

I made the mistake of sharing it on Twitter, and I think the link got picked up by some shitcoin referral bonus hunter somehow and all the spots got taken in no time, by people who just come for the free sats but have no intention of coming back and contributing.

I'll try to get in touch with the developer after i figure out who it is