I’m getting married today.

Going to ship the WoT ranking algo shortly. It'll won't be live on the main feed yet but I'll write a little about the model we're using.

Then I'll probably spend the rest of the week doing some of the smaller items from the github issue backlog.

I'm just waiting for Square terminals to accept BTC via LN. Once you onboard merchants to self custody, it's game on.

Yep. None of those were built using the Strike API though. The Strike API opens the doors for devs who know nothing about Bitcoin or ⚡️ to easily build apps that accept Bitcoin and ⚡️ payments. This project is basically just a demo of how easy it is to build those types of apps. Code is available here https://github.com/SamSamskies/strike-paywall.

When users posts they’re alerted that there are duplicates. They seem to be ignoring it.

I’ll try to figure something else out. @nout suggested I charge more when a duplicate is posted.

That's pretty cool! 😎 Keep us updated!

yesterday I released lnsocket, a C library for sending messages on the lightning network. It can currently connect to lightning nodes and send/receive lightning network messages (TLVs).

This weekend I am planning on getting the build working on iOS so that I can make a proof of concept for controlling a clightning node directly over lightning.

Right now it's a bit difficult to connect to your lightning node's wallet: you have to run other software next to your lightning node that connects to it's RPC to send/receive wallet information, channels, etc. It would be nice if your lightning node could give you this information directly over the lightning network, since your lightning network port is already publically exposed on tor or the internet.

All you would need to do is whitelist client pubkeys and you would be good to go!

Maybe one day we could have a blip that specs out a standard RPC mechanism so this could work for all nodes instead of just via a clightning plugin.

Back to work today.

I'm finally over the flu - gah that was not fun - and I'm not getting married again anytime soon 🤪

I'll be working on integrating the WoT ranking algo I wrote over Christmas break. It probably won't go live for a couple of weeks but I want to observe it side by side with the existing algorithm and see how it performs.

Why use this instead of BTC Pay? That has support for all the best BIPs already and has way more momentum behind it

edit: oops here is the explanation haha https://cypherpunkpay.org/rationale/btcpay-server/

I just learned of the invite links.

So the sats awarded goes only to new accounts that sign up, ... or does even an existing account that clicks the link get that award?

When I click the lightning button and 1 sat gets deducted from my wallet, where do the sats go? To the poster?

Today I set up a wallet with my wife and taught her the basics, next up will be buying some corn from Bisq or hodlhodl and start saving Bitcoin together. We set up a stacking goal for 2022 too. Is a small thing but I'm very happy about it.

I actually kinda like posting articles here on Stacker News... You get the sats, you get the comments, you have markdown to format it.

Somehow I don't like the experience of the different tipping bots, etc. I really like repeatedly smashing the lightning button here :D

Not all of the revenue in perpetuity! Hopefully enough to make a difference for the best users and enough to keep us alive.

I can't be the only one who did this ... typed in:


So, .... hey, ... idea!


(To notify about this, ... I was first trying to find if there was a way to leave a private message e.g., a "hide" button to hide from everyone except the person I'm replying to .... like how it can be done in Mastodon, ... but that does not (yet) exist in SN, it appears.) So I communicated this issue via this other approach. :-) @k00b if you end up remedying this, you can change my nym so there's no collision, or I can change it, or whatever. I have my other account (with e-mail auth, rather than Twitter auth) that I use.

I'd just share the archive next time. It'd be nice to have a programmatic way to do this though but it's probably not straightforward to detect a paywall on a variety of sites.

Charge more based on age too. Not sure if that's possible or not. I wonder if there is some API out there that can tell when a site was last modified somehow or scan the page for a publication date. Maybe a hard problem.

Wow, this sounds amazing! Great work again. It sounds really interesting.