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how will turbo tipping relate to the various bolt colors? Can you link an explanation of how the color coding currently works?

This is such a rich thread, thanks for starting this conversation. I could see the inspiration for a wildly successful business model launching right here. Lightning-enabled Wikipedia is great; also really love what SN has done by converting the like ❤️ to a micropayment ⚡️. What other models (Youtube, IG, Vine, TikTok) could be upended simply by supplanting, or augmenting, the like button?

nice touch adding forwarding to your post. Gotta appreciate all @kr is doing.

“Link rot.” Makes data sound so organic. Like the old links break down into their component bits to so that new data can be formed from those neutral ones and zeros.

Should the preview window in SN display the image? I can’t get it to convert the link to the actual graphic, just shows the ! string… EDIT: nvm was using spaces where there should not have been.

Agreed non-custodial, decentralized is ideal but I’d like to see more mainstream-oriented music, video, even text-based content apps that use a low-friction custodial model like sn and fountain. Imho @k00b and @oscarmerry are pointing the way towards the type of really exciting innovations that content creators have been pining for.

Very cool. I’m looking forward to the creation of an app that really caters to musicians being tipped w sats. I’ve pondered the simplest way to get something like that up and running - whether it’s a busking-style live stream or the ability to stream recorded songs. Not a programmer so I’m not sure what the simplest, cleanest iteration would look like. Would love to support the birth of that kind of app any way I can — I may have purchased a domain name a while back for just that purpose.

Inchoate musing based on the last 24h: is it possible that CZ loading the mempool is an attempt to pop a few bolts on the LN; to stress test it? Seems like SN users are reporting odd phenomena, like nodes going offline, Muun defaulting to on-chain transactions, and increased on-chain fees interfering with channel activity. If not an attack per se, could it be considered a strategic, possibly adversarial, stress test?

not unlike lightning.video but simpler and with way less friction.

ok, my joke fell flat but I really would like to see a simple site that lets users directly reward mass-market content creators with sats. I think Elon has primed the pump on this idea. SN is pretty specialized atm and Fountain is brilliant but podcasts aren’t exactly easily digestible in a low attention span world. l’d love to see something like the reddit front page with live stream videos presented on a single page sorted by viewership. No recording or archiving, at least at the outset, and a tipping system like SN’s where sats are preloaded and don’t require a new invoice for every tip. Simple, lightweight content (a platform cat shorts or memes could flourish on) with a low-friction tipping/likes system.

You’re sitting on the big idea satcat: leveraging the internet’s love of cat memes coupled with the power of low-friction lightning microtips. Purrington Post meets Stacker News.