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Got any more info on why you think British Hodl is a scammer?
Awesome idea!
Good idea, will do the same
We've been thinking about how to decide the winners of MM and it's kinda hard to decide on another metric other than the top filter. Have you got any ideas?
we're importing your Nostr profile into zap.meme! You should be able to claim it here: https://zap.meme/p/nostr/UCantDoThatDotNet
let us know how it goes!
this is awesome. thanks for your feedback this is really great.
we're gunna add these to our notes and make some changes based on the ideas (when we have time, probably within a few weeks)
Appreciate your input. Keep an eye on the latest feed over the next week. There will be lots of fresh content coming as well as a redesign of the app layout 🙂
haha love it, thanks for the encouragement :)
thanks so much for reporting this bug! we've just made a bug fix, can you try again now? please let us know how it goes! ⚡
thanks for the encouragement!
we agree with your sentiment, memes are more than just funny pictures. they're exactly what you say, a form of visual language, a mechanism that ideas have hijacks in order to replicate themselves and spread.
Not quite automatically, but yeah, we run a script every Monday which pulls in everyone's memes 😏
Yup, we're still young! We'll be working hard to improve the app experience and increase sat flows over the coming months