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'look, a woman!'
the pejorative 'maxi'
'xenophobic' lol
when you don't get your own way, call them racist!
not sure who 'we' is meant to describe - not me, for one.
'carnivorous diet freaks, climate change deniers, extreme Christians, anti-vaxxers, doomers, alt-right supporters' - these depictions are more revealing of your positions than anything else.
you're free to take any position you want on anything, as are they - if u want to present yourself as separate from those you revile, just do it - if your ideas are more robust they will be recognised as such - whining about theirs isn't valid.
as for Bitcoin being negatively affected by any of this - no.
Would like to hear more about acceptance of Bitcoin as payment in the coming days - what type of places are more likely to accept it, are they happy to take it, or do they feel 'forced' by the legal tender legislation, do they pay other businesses with it, or only convert to USD or somesuch ?
To get a feel for the mood of the place regarding Bitcoin, their understanding (or not) of what it offers, i mean.
Also, are people optimistic more generally about the direction things are going - do they feel good about the economy and the future as a result of Bukele's Govt, or do they have any worries about his actions?
If you try to get a few people chatting as you go about your business there, it could give us at least something of a personal level view of how things are going.
Good work , good luck.
what's for breakfast ?
if i'm in a pod, and it's bugs, kill me
Honestly, i'd imagine a lot of SN users have drifted away from (in particular) the r/Bitcoin sub due to the bad noise to signal ratio. I did too.
Having said that, and maybe being a bit demanding (?), there's still rather too many link only posts here IMO, ( but hey, i'm hardly the most prolific poster or commenter, so i probably don't have the right to complain).
'let's make sure this is done in a privacy, human rights preserving manner'
i get the impression one of the main reasons for doing these CBDC's is to eradicate such things.
pushback will only cause them to be more sly, and tell more lies as they use the same boil the frog incremental approach to mislead the public herd that they do in every other sphere of life - and the herd will, as they all to often do, trot along behind it, muttering.
whether out of complacency, ignorance, or complicity (welfare mentality, at every level - personal, corporate, institutional) many people are persuaded of the 'Govt is in charge' delusion.
i'm not an apocalyptic doomsayer as such, but i am a pessimist when it comes to macro level political action - a lot of people will end up suffering this garbage, but it is ultimately their choice to continue to do so or not - it remains to be seen how many have the wit, the will and the personal (and societal!) survival instinct to do the right thing - but personally i'm not sure the mass are psychologically, and increasingly economically, placed to refuse these things.
the difficulty in dumping those forks was what kept me from doing it at all - i suppose i 'lost' the chance to increase my holding, but i don't really regret it as, like you say, swapping them out discreetly wasn't trivial, and was beyond me - i remember people publicly crowing about it and thinking how they were doxxing themselves - i'm glad you were able to capitalise on the trouble the forkers caused - all in all i came through those weird times untouched by the drama, so i'm at peace.
good to see movement in this direction - this deserves more attention
the whole 'normies will hardfork Bitcoin' thing doesn't really work - as they don't care about the tek or the network, and don't mine, run nodes, or contribute to development, their voices are essentially irrelevant in that regard.
reading it, it's broadly redolent of what's been going on with Ordinals/Inscriptions here, as the unintended consequence of soft fork upgrades to Bitcoin.
they still had to pay a higher fee than the 1 sat per vbyte they initially broadcast, so i don't get what the point of it is - the miners aren't doing you a favour, you have to pay them to do this, by whatever means.
1 sat tx getting confirmed in a high fee congestion period would stick out like a sore thumb too, so presumably they could be discounted/ignored by fee estimators ?
it's RBF with extra steps - just seems silly.
They can't destroy Bitcoin technologically, so the attack vector becomes political, and the framing of the adopter shows this clearly -
So ElSa's position is a risk to cybersecurity, governance and, lol, financial stability, and the US is interested in prosperity and transparency in Central America...
The Accountability For Cryptocurrency Act - to persecute the adopter for daring to determine their own future is the 'accountability' they are speaking of.
no, i think it's more of a 'big blox' reprise by the monkey-shitters, hoping the miners will support it for fees.
so they're creating lots of outputs that are (currently) unspendable ?