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If you live in a country where you have a say in how those taxes are spent (through representation or otherwise), then I agree, but in so much of the world governments are at best incompetent and at worst borderline evil.

For the people living under those governments, Bitcoin is a source of hope, a way to take back some power without having to resort to violence and turmoil.

It depends on the track record of your government and the strength of your country's constitution how likely your private property is to be taken from you.

At least most countries do an ok job of protecting your property from being illegally seized by other parties.

It's crazy how much gets lost in translation between devs and management.

I would be happy to be no more than average in everything I do but have great perseverance.

Anything you have is only yours for as long as you can enforce keeping it from being taken by others.

Even things that potentially only exist in your head, like your private keys, aren't 100% safe from forceful extraction.

As with just about everything in life, it's all about managing risk.

I would like a tag system similar to theirs. It doesn't fragment the main feed like having subs would and still allows users to filter by subject.

Kotlin. I'm frequently looking for and missing many of it's super handy extension functions when working in other languages.

Would you consider using Flutter for this or stick with native iOS and Android?

I like discussions more than links to twitter and such. Sometimes I want news and other times I want to see what people are thinking about.

I agree that getting to that number of followers won't be quick, on the other hand it's really refreshing having a news feed basically free of "number go up" posts and memes.

So when do you think SN will eclipse the Bitcoin and Lighting Network subreddits?

Personally I've already abandoned them.

Yes more details would be good.

Interesting, thanks for sharing, what is the spread like?

"Olive oil is produced by grinding olives and extracting the oil by mechanical or chemical means."


My approach is that if you want to be safe, look at what people have had success with for the longest period of time.

This excludes most processed foods, if not all. Stuff like seed oils and refined sugar are the obvious examples.

Bitcoin truly is a global currency, it's all or nothing.

Makes me wonder what it will look like if we end up with a Mars colony one day with the large communications delay.

It's awesome seeing the future unfold in front of your eyes!