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That’s one helluva wall of text! I would be in favor of fixed prices in principle. Maybe a price adjustment during each halvening epoch?
What is the ultimate goal of this project? Because ‘stems’ are individual tracks within a multitrack recording, I was hoping that Stemstr would actually use multiple stems in sats-incentivized collaboration. I don’t think that’s the plan at all though.
I like Damus but miss zapping. What mobile client is still in-play re zaps?
Give me back my 30 yo bod and send me to SF in ‘67 for a month of Summer of Love debauchery.
Maybe BRICS should only allow purchases of this new currency in hard commodities vs fiat shitcoins?
Great set of bullet points!
Bought a white ceramic kitchen a few years back. It’s still sharp af and a pleasure to use in the kitchen for cutting veggies.
I’m waiting to see someone holding a sign with their ‘homeless @walletofsatoshi .com’ receive address... QR no longer necessary!
Has Saylor talked about his storage? I’m kinda thinking he uses custodians. So “zero BTC” is a very possible future outcome for Microstrategy in the Chokepoint 3.0 era.
Absolutely ❤️ these ideas. But don’t stop there… I also want a client that does all this, but with MUSIC. Maybe WavLake has such ambitions?
How long can a State survive when everything they say gets ratio’d to the max?
Buying land / house is pricey in CO. I love these towns in the San Juan Mtns.
Once I get a suitable road-trip vehicle, I plan on a citadel scouting expedition!
Jeez, CoinDesk is effectively unreadable on my phone. What did I bother even trying?