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Hi I am Munir from Ethiopia and I'm advocator of LN and bitcoin.

"The future is ours"


Good job mate! How's the adoption going there? Is it easy to convince your countrymen to use BTC?

Well, to be honest, here in Ethiopia. It's hard to convince people to use Bitcon. Of course there are people who regarded bitcoin as a good thing. But I would say that the majority are not. It's all about the media outlets and the government as well. The government tried his best to make it's currency more valuable by limiting exports and forbids people to hold USD. Here, if someone was spotted to hold or use a dollar would faced punishment by law. However all these efforts made by the Ethiopian government couldn't make the Ethiopian currency (birr) valuable. Still 1 USD is 100 birr with a black market and 1 BTC is about 1 million Birr.

Plus bitcoin is regarded as something like illuminati which is the fun part. The government also forbids it to use by saying that there are no concrete policies to use Bitcon. What a stupid government.

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to SN!

Welcome Munir! 🤗

Thanks, thank you all