2,656 sats stacked
stacking since: #13892
This is amazing Lisa! Looking forward to diving into this
Hey Gigi! It’s been a while 👋 Love the idea! I won’t be able to make it but will be cheering from the sidelines 🧡
The Circadian Code, by Satchin Panda
Holy!! I just heard this. Intense stuff!
Lol this is pure FUD. mediaanalysisd has been there for a decade to help with spotlight search. The author could at least investigate what is being shared
Sorry for the late reply. Yeah it’s been good so far. Running Ubuntu server edition.
One runs on Rasberry Pi. Another one runs on HP EliteDesk 800 G3 Mini
Check out the TinyMiniMicro playlist by ServeTheHomme
I just ordered an HP Elitedesk 800 G3 Mini ~$130 on ebay.
kW is power kWh is energy
If you use a 2kW appliance for 3 hours, you would've consumed 6kWh of energy.
This is really cool!
100% is not forever sustainable, obviously, so it probably won't forever stay 100%
Agree with this. Not sure how long this will last :)
You are SN
Holy shit! Just realized SN is also Satoshi Nakamoto. I mean I didn't link the two in my head :D
Wooot! Flew in for Bitdevs and Bitcoin takeover. See y'all there!