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They should. But Blue wallet is acting weird today. I'm getting API errors when trying to send or receive lightning payments. I don't know what's going on with it.
Thank you so much. I asked the same question here a couple days ago and didn't get a satisfying answer. Except from some trolls condescendingly telling me to run my own node.
I'm just glad to see link to Mastodon posts :) . Go Mastodon!
It's just one instance. Others still work just fine.
Well, SBT or OBW or whatever it's crazy devs have decided to name it this week.
I like Muun too. It has saved me so much money when sending LN--->On-chain. Other wallets take a huge fee.
How do you deal with the high fees? On my experience, on-chain transactions often times cheaper (when mempool is clear) than using Phoenix.
He's an unpredictable troll and I can't rule out anything. But, imo DOGE can't scale and the infrastructure isn't there for it to be a payment systems for 100s of millions of new users. It's bitcoin (LN) of bust.
Is it possible to delete a post/comment?
Wallet . You don't need a poll for this.
bitcoin is best when experienced. Make them download a LN wallet. Send them some sats, make them send you sats back. It's just like email. No everyone needs to know how it works under the hood.