1998 stacked

The push he didn't know he needed.

I'm considering maintaining a backup metal plate three thousand kilometers away from my usual location but did not consider just having another hardware wallet as well. In the event that a global EMP event happens this might not be enough to ensure the hardware wallet survives.

This ensures you can recover your wallet with a different device but not how to protect your existing one from the threat of EMPs.

Coldcard Mk 3 is my favorite.

I've been secretly wishing to build a hardware wallet like SeedSigner myself.

Could we keep the top bar visible when scrolling down?

Nitpicking: Maybe sticking to a palette of colors too? I love the black/dark gray backgrounds and gold outlines and glows. But the links, usernames and OP tag look a random.

I saw a magnifier too

I was thinking that awards could be just tags and look like pills with text in them.

Amazing! Looking forward to what is to come!

I moved everything I had left off of exchanges yesterday. :)