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I tried to register but never got a verification code

Disappointed. I expected at least a Rick Roll.

I think most people will succumb to using some of these banks and giving them all of their moves

You could do it yourself, but why if Tailscale is much more convenient? They are giving all that setup and management for free.

It's like a private VPN for your network devices. It supports most operating systems and platforms. I believe it uses Wireguard under the hood to create a mesh network for all of your devices. It's like Hamachi but only for your own devices. If you want to share your network with others then you must pay.

I love Tailscale! This is great news!

Should the guy in the video be censored?

I really like the logo

and then he went on and repeated his presentation talking points when he was supposed to be commenting on what others had said...

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I could post again so I edited my original and added two more questions if you still have the chance :) Much appreciated!

1.What's your favorite Nostr client? 2. What are your thoughts on porting @lntxbot to other platforms? Discord? Nostr? Twitter?

  1. What's your favorite podcast?

Is there an oracle for when Peter Schiff buys Bitcoin?

Are you asking about withdrawals to on-chain wallets?

Would love to be able to change the currency used to show the current BTC price. I'd like to see it in CAD if possible :)

Updated my Umbrel to the latest version today

Lists could be made public and they would show on your bio page :)