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What a big topic. I'll just share some general thoughts.
In terms of total funding, you have to keep in mind the ratios of designer to developer. Based on this research, a 1:10 designer to developer ratio is common. For researchers, it's even less, and I assume for translators as well (open-source might be a bit different than in companies, but probably somewhat close). That also means the amount and sources of funding for those specializations is smaller and harder to find, and it can feel like there's underrepresentation (which there might actually be). I hope we can help with design representation in that area with the newly founded Bitcoin Design Foundation.
As far as being harder to decompose, I think that doing the work in public and documenting it well goes a long way. For example, I do that on my weekly update. Signaling your plans, showing the actual work-in-progress and output, no one can argue that you didn't do worthwhile work. It also helps get input and buy-in along the way. But it's a skill that has to be learned and not everyone is comfortable being so public. Either way, you're more likely to get compensated if you can make a good case for your contributions.
Would love to hear what specifically you like about it.
Sorry, I should have been more elaborate in my response. You created a matrix that is manually curated. It may be possible to automate this, using NIP-89. Nostr clients can post these kinds that describe their features. You could build a dynamic table loading these events, instead of the manual editing. I don't think the events include every detail you are looking for, but even if it's 50%, that could still be worth it.
Isn't this what NIP-89 is for? It allows for clients to post events that describe what they do, platforms the support, kinds, etc. See https://nostrapp.link/
Regarding profile changes, Nosta should do the trick, as it uses the Blastr relay to send your profile info to all known relays. My to-do list also includes detection of outdated info and helping users fix that.
Note that it's my project so I am biased, and I try to make it specifically about profile creation, editing, and display (and stay away from all feeds and messaging). Do one thing, and do it well (which is already tricky enough).
We briefly mention those in the Sending bitcoin page, but not in the context of accessibility. Users have options to "Speed up" and "Cancel" transactions. Certainly something that could be mentioned in the accessibility context (but also just generally helpful in case someone accidentally hits the send button too early). Why not mentioned in the accessibility context so far? No one has brought it up or thought of it yet. Thanks for doing that.
Nothing yet in my circles, but we should look into that. We have a page on accessibility in the Bitcoin Design Guide, organized an initiative for Global Accessibility Awareness Day this year in May, and are trying to help wallets improve accessibility (example). We should look into ADHD as well (I'll post this thread in the accessibility channel in our Discord). It's a very slow effort because it is very hard to get people to actually work on this stuff. But I am hopeful that we can make bitcoin a first class citizen for people with all kinds of needs over time so everyone can take part in this new financial system. Thanks for posting.
My son and I play it, and we introduced his cousins, who then brought in friends (not sure if they brought in anyone else). The cousins & friends are passionate minecrafters, got their first sats through the game, and really did not have any problems figuring out how it all works (including getting a lightning wallet and withdrawing).
We had a kick-off call. Recording and notes are here.
For anyone interested in the bounty for porting the Bitcoin UI Kit to Penpot, we're chatting in the #bitcoin-ui-kit-and-icons channel in the Bitcoin Design Discord. I'm the maintainer of the UI Kit, my goal is to get an amazing end result, keep all the collaboration out in the open, and I'll try to support everyone chipping in.
That's really weird. Muun is by default an onchain wallet. When you receive a lightning payment, it gets swapped onchain automatically for you. That means you don't have your own lightning node/channels, and should not be able to have inbound liquidity problems. Only the Muun node, which receives and forwards payments intended for you, can have liquidity problems.
Hope that makes sense. Did you get a message in the Muun UI about this, or how did this problem come up?
This is based on NIP-402, which is still a draft, which is for "classified listings that list any arbitrary product, service, or other thing for sale or offer". So lots of room to explore different use cases (how would you use this?). I already added them to Nosta profiles (example) over the weekend. Really nice how more capabilities are added and the experience gets richer (although, let's not overdo it and create a huge mess).
Why not both? With something like Liana, you can have, for example, your single-sig wallet and an optional 2-of-3 multi-sig recovery path that only becomes active if you don't transact for a year. Lost your key? Sucks, but you can still get your funds by waiting a year.
Nice. Finally my goofy designs for bitcoin subscriptions from 3 years ago become relevant. Same general idea that the wallet prompts you in time, but with BIP 47 payment codes. This makes a lot more sense with lightning and Nostr now.
Huge shout-out to Mo and the other collaborators for this massive effort around ensuring we're in touch with users and building things people actually need and want.
I hope they keep up the fight. It's important to be available on iOS.
This is excellent for client discovery and also helps users find each other more easily. For example, I set up a Nostr store and can recommend the client that best supports all the features I require for the shopping experience I want people to have. Nosta profiles show those recommendations now. Overall, this feature is a very useful bit of glue and I hope clients don't abuse it by spamming users with recommendation prompts.
Which wallet did you use? There’s a big difference in how well different wallets explain these things.
I tried it out with a few people and works great, including sending Lightning sats in and out of the federation. A very, very solid alpha as far as I can tell.