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What's your official end of year price prediction?

Thanks for doing this, was a big fan when I used to frequent clubhouse months back.

3rd green weekly close in a row... think we're hitting more ATHs this week?

Hold onto your butts if this gets approved next week...

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$69,420 party is going to be lit

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To the moooooon!!! 🚀🌙


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back above 65k...

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Highest weekly candle close ever... next week is looking bullish AF...

BTC candle

As I read this thread just saw parabolic guy tweet his purchase of 15 more BTC on Gemini (he apparently has an endless fountain of fiat). Wonder how often guys like that transfer to cold storage.

Interesting how we seem to be unbundling and then bundling back into the need for banks for multisig and other options.

This is really really scary. Seems high upside, low risk compared to robbing a bank.

I’m sure even targeting people with money on exchanges like Coinbase would be extremely lucrative 😧

I noticed similar actually with testing, wasn't sure if that was a feature to show similar posts in case URLs don't quite match up. @k00b

oh neat - just tried this, works really well! 👍

confirmed just got 16428 sats sent to my cashapp for replying to his thread.

Borrowing another feature from reddit- not sure what % people have their accounts linked to email but I wonder if email notifications for comments might be worthwhile. It might shorten the cycle between comment replies, potentially generating more interactive discussion. Could also provide a potential ad monetization route via email.

re 3) 10k sats Not terrible- at the current sats/USD, it's similar to price of buying a domain for a year, which might be enough of a deterrent.
I wonder if maybe it could be something the community votes on for approval to avoid the potential spamming. Haven't been on indiehackers for a while but I think their subforum/groups functionality, after you apply and you need a certain number of people to express interest in joining before it becomes a real group.

had to google it :P

It's pretty neat currently being able to access/link your profile without the extra /u/ similar to twitter. That being said when SN has a million registered users and a thousand subs... it will be a challenging land grab for the good names.. so separating /s/<substack_name> might become necessary.

Cool! works great for me... I wonder if there's a way to show how much I tipped, perhaps in parentheses, ie if I've tipped 10: "56 (10) tipped". I try to throw sats around and sometimes I can't remember if I tipped a thread so I end up double tipping hehe

Purple looks great!! Just enough contrast to stand out without being overwhelming.