Global birth rates are in decline, a trend that governments find alarming. A dwindling population could lead to a host of economic and social issues, but the policy responses have been largely ineffective. Financial incentives for families, like direct payments, tax breaks, and subsidized child care, have been deployed, but with little impact. This reveals a deeper, fundamental issue.
To understand the decline, it's crucial to figure out why couples are having fewer children. The common responses are either a lack of interest or financial constraints. While we should respect the choice not to have children, it's the financial concern that needs addressing.
Having children has become an expensive undertaking. From medical costs related to childbirth to time off work, government-mandated expenses like car seats, and the added costs of larger living spaces and education, families are stretched thin financially. Even households with two earners often struggle to make ends meet, making it harder to consider expanding the family.
The decline of single-earner households, where one parent could stay home to raise children, can be traced back to the massive expansion of rent seeking. The bureaucratic state has increased massively in all sorts of industries, and the inflation that has funded their expansion has driven up all kinds of costs, including essential resources like health care, education and housing. Both parents often need to work just to maintain a moderate standard of living.
A significant reason for these inflated costs is the fiat monetary system. Inflation has eroded the savings and earning power of average families, compelling both parents to enter the workforce. Moreover, real estate prices have soared, making it challenging for families to afford larger homes that could accommodate more children.
In essence, the decline in birth rates is not a consequence of individual choice or even culture but a byproduct of a kleptocratic monetary system that has made child-rearing unaffordable. Unless structural changes are made to restore the financial viability of having larger families, any superficial policy incentives are unlikely to reverse the declining birth rates. These economic incentives are giving back to families just a tiny portion of what's being stolen through the fiat monetary system. Stopping this inflationary theft would empower families to have more children, but such a move would require political will that is currently lacking.
What we need is a new monetary system and the path is not through political reform, but through the adoption of a new money. Bitcoin really is the fix for low birth rates.
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Jimmy you are like Lyn or Guy and other bitcoin influencers. You have one trick and you keep pounding on it for everything. Not a critique but an observation.
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. To a hammer everything is a nail.
If what you said was true than it would impact all sub-cultures within a fiat society. It does not.
The Amish and Mohammedans are popping out kids and doubling their population every generation.
Why ?
##Women's Rights
Women do not want to have children. Who would. It's messy, it messes up your body.
We now educate and empower the reproductive class. We also throw these same beings into war. Our culture is suicidal.
You are correct in a round about way. Womens rights. The welfare state, the police state all allow women to exist without men, and this is all payed for by unsound money, but the trend started way before 1971.
If you fixed the money tomorrow, for instance, if the whole world was based on Bitcoin and not money printing , but the state kept enforcing and subsidizing women , the birth rate would still be low. Educated women have below replacement levels of children. This is true across every culture.
Women vote for and use the most welfare of any sex.
The only other way to keep the rights of women and also maintain populations, would be cloning.
Ansel Linder is doing a deep dive into this and this is his take.
The rise of feminism and how women don’t take pride in being a mom anymore. Instead of starting to have kids in their early 20s they start in the late 20s early 30s by then they earn more money than then men in their dating pool then boom children are delayed.
While yes the money is one factor but it’s not the sole reason for the low birth rates.
Jimmy has been married forever he has no clue what it’s like to date as a modern man. I look back at my dating history it’s damn hard not to find an American woman who’s:
  1. Not fat
  2. No kids
  3. Doesn’t drink/party/do drugs
  4. Emotionally stable
  5. No homosexual activity
  6. Not on antidepressants
any reasonable man who wants to start a family is hard pressed to start one with any of the above issues thus they put off having children
Amazing insight! I think a solution for this problem and women rights is a moral benchmark like religion.
religion is not the solution.
Many religions support equal rights
many people are not religious and never will be
many people will never be one specific religion, like islam
Even the Menonites for instance, have started introducing womens rights, enforced by the laws, and their birth rate has gone down in some areas.
A non religious solution exists.

Just take away women's rights.

No voting, no property rights, that's it.
If society collapses from the population decline, their rights will be taken away anyways. This is a gentler solution for all.
Or invent mass scale cloning.
The welfare state, the police state all allow women to exist without men, and this is all payed for by unsound money,
You're making a big stretch here.
Women having the same rights as men is a good thing.
And it has nothing to do with money or how big the government is. You're making a big stretch here because you want to recruit legitimate demands of Bitcoiners for your illegitimate misogynistic agenda.
If you fixed the money tomorrow, for instance, if the whole world was based on Bitcoin and not money printing , but the state kept enforcing and subsidizing women
Women vote for and use the most welfare of any sex.
Jesus Christ. Your mental gymnastics for blaming big government on women is embarrassing.
Trends or correlations in data don't mean causality. You'll also find these trends in voting in geographical location, in age or in household income. None of these trends are the sole culprit.
Not once did you say anything that proved or attempted to prove the opposite of what i said.
You made statements, opinions and objections.
Show me a single place with modern feminism that has replacement or greater than replacement birth levels.
Take your time, I'll wait.
What are you even talking about. Women don't owe you a birthrate. That's actually an insane attitude to have.
  1. False burden of proof: Provide evidence for your claim that feminism was the culprit for falling birthrates first.
  2. Irrelevant: Even if feminism was to blame, women still don't owe you a birthrate
Actually, Idk why I'm even bothering here. You're life will be miserable with that attitude. I don't have to give a shit here because real life out there will find real world consequences just on its own.
Asks for proof we live in a feminist hellscape that will soon run out of money
Says reality will punish me for having an anti-feminist attitude.
You just proved my point for me.
I already proved feminism leads to lower birthrates. In every culture without feminism, the birthrates are ABOVE replacement levels.
Wow, I hadn't properly read everything. I agree with the part I replied too, much less with blaming everything on women.
ironic a south korean commenting this, you see a lot of females serving next to you in mandatory conscription ?
If you are both equal, why do they get special treatment in every domain of society. Why do they get vote ? Why do they get to have all this, not serve in the military AND not have kids, meaning sK is simply going to be replaced one day.
Women vote for more and more privileges that must be payed for and supported by men.
Do not speak of which you do not know.
Equal rights for women is not categorically “a good thing” if it leads to self-genocide.
Is your account called clownworld because dis u?
Hadn't noticed your answer. You managed to convey much better what I tried to convey in my much shorter comment below. Yah, one-trick bitcoin influencers have a tendency to apply their trick to everything.
Similar to you, not a critique but an observation that said influencers may keep in mind at times.
I know what to expect when I read Lynn. It's my job to balance it out with other viewpoints.
Dude, you are deep into the psyop of the state and obviously pretty new here (as are the people upvoting you). Don't confuse thoughtful OGs with shell-script people like Lyn Alden who got here a couple years ago and don't have anything novel. You could use a couple more years of reading silently. Seems lots of you 2021 bitcoiners skipped that phase.




He doesn't want discussion, he just wants your fucking money and for you to believe every bullshit he be spewing

Yeah I always found this odd. You challenge his opinions and you get nothing back.
Annoys the crap out of me, and he's not the only culprit
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Yeah I pushed back hard on his attack on college. Like yes has fiat borked incentives but some things need rigorous study and understanding for the sake of health and safety of people.
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jimmy song is just another fiat miner who is trying to shill is agenda which is just "anti-fiat"

being fiat means being a goddamn capitalist and that's what @jimmysong actually is

Thank you for yelling like a retard. He doesn't need the contrast, but the reminder of how boring and stupid many bitcoiners are does make him stand out even more.

Your iq is smaller than an epsilon minus a delta

just keep drinking jimmy's kool aid and buy his book that's gonna do nothing to actually "fix" the situation you pawn plebeian

you don't reply to my point just like jimmy because you can't actually come up with a reply (unlike everyone else in this thread who has the eyes, ears, and balls to disagree with his obviously retarded statement)

Who are you calling a pleb, pleb?
You don't matter. You're inconsequential.
You will never understand bitcoin the way I do because you will never build anything of value of a remotely similar magnitude to what I have done.

wee woo apologies fellow users we've got some special snowflake syndrome on aisle retard

a wandering ego npc is acting wildly out of pocket

beware of approaching him with rational thought coated in mild sarcasm or else he might shit his diapers (once again... this isn't the first time this ego npc has shit his diapers in public)

beware he is deaf to any and all outside points of view as he's spent extended time reverberating in an echo chamber of his own delusions so do not try to approach him else he might lash out

if you actually believe jimmy's thesis about births correlated with individual wealth linked to fiat economics then you're a tard who drinks kool aid ngmi
It's not "Jimmy's thesis", influencer maxi jackass leftist statist lgbt-pedo apologist, it's just incredibly obvious.
I don't know if I buy this argument. Even rich people, certainly rich enough to afford big families, are choosing to either not have children or to keep their families small. I think the root of this is much more cultural than it is economic.
+1 Yeaaaah the Conservative American culture of Bitcoin doesn't represent most Bitcoiners, so let's stop talking like it does. I've been a coach, teacher, camp counselor, babysitter, uncle, etc. I'm good without procreating, bruh. A lot of us are having the time of our lives without kids and kids wouldn't necessarily be an upgrade. A lot of parents have regrets, too. I, for one, hope this trend continues, I don't care what the soothsayers say will happen bc it probably won't. We'll be fine as a species (but there's no clicks in that narrative!).
Rich people are smart and prudent with their spending habits, they understand kids are an expense. Kids are often the poor man's entertainment (as is the sexual activity that leads to them), insurance etc.
economics and culture are inseparably intertwined
Exactly. Children are also in the way for other ways to enjoy your wealth. It makes vacations complicated, it makes traveling complicated, it makes your career complicated, it makes mindless consumerism complicated. Very unfortunate but the cultural aspect is much more complicated
Sadly, money is the reason for most. My wife and I both of us would like to have mere kids unfortunately we are on the edge, financially speaking.
The most "hardest" kid is the first, after that, having more babies becomes a desire. Okay, it's not the same for everyone but I'd say for most.
Money is the driving issue with most of the other father's I've talked to.
Technology is and has always been the driving force of change, not politicians, but today people often forget that
People in 100 years will be amazed at how much we were stunting our own growth with the fiat fugazi system
51 sats \ 0 replies \ @OC 30 Aug
"live births in NZ fell from 26,500 in 2018/19 to 19,185 in 2022/23, a decrease of 7,400 or 28%. This is an absolutely unprecedented drop"
Many other countries experiencing similar stats. Doctors are baffled. Some of us are not. Not discounting other reasons mentioned for not having kids but there are also other factors not being mentioned. Like the experimental injections inflicted on humanity at mass scale
Lots of interesting points there. Based on my experience in Korea, this is only part of the picture though. Rich people have fewer children than poorer people, so just fixing the money will not fix the whole problem. I'm not as well-written as you, so I'll just say it's complex and one should be careful of reducing complex problems to simple interpretations. The current government for instance does not seem to want to acknowledge the deeper problems and comes up with similar quick-fix interpretations.
Plenty of poor ass countries got shitload of kids buddy. Fiat making people poor does not stop anybody from having kids. Your argument is not convincing and if your book is anything like this post it isn't convincing either. All you got is complaints.
Quite a few incels here it seems...
lol yeah right, this the most bearish i have felt ever since i got into btc
jesus christ SN take your meds
For real, what is this nonsense? I wish I could unread a thread.
.gov doesnt find it alarming. it is intentional.
100 sats \ 0 replies \ @ryu 30 Aug
Pretty one-dimensional and myopic. The decline of birthrates is the byproduct of several factors, not just money. Money never stopped poor populations from procreating. We've seen birthrates rise and fall under different monetary systems, under different government forms historically. We need to get away from parroting Muscovite and low-res podcast talking points. We don't need 100B people on the planet, and Bitcoin Twitter hates the type of people that would be doing most of this procreating anyway, as their portraits wouldn't resemble a Norman Rockwell painting...
In essence, the decline in birth rates is not a consequence of individual choice or even culture but a byproduct of a kleptocratic monetary system that has made child-rearing unaffordable.
I get why this argument would be made on a site dedicated to bitcoin. This sounds like a bull seeing red, but instead it's a bitcoiner seeing fiat. People's personal decisions and worldviews are not a byproduct of fiat. Is the fiat system affecting their decisions and worldview? Absolutely. Fiat sounds like a boogieman here.
If anyone is interested in another analysis of the birth rate decline problem, this podcast does a good breakdown of the recent economist article about birthrate decline.
The podcast is from a "christian worldview", so take that for what it is when you listen.
Hey Jimmy, I agree this is absolutely correct.
I have built products to address lower level health problems related to fertility to fix the harmful environments we live in, but there are mass psychological problems and fiat regulations that make gaining traction at a level that would make a dent next to impossible. Among other things, people have become apathetic toward their health.
On the bitcoin standard, everyone will have these sorts of products, and it will be a highly competitive, commoditized market with slim margins. Perhaps it can start in El Salvador.

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Wow, you're so edgy and independent... yet here you are, on a SOCIAL platform, so keeping LARPING like a RUGGED INDIVIDUAL. 🤡🤡🤡
It can’t be just an economic issue. Almost every country with the problem has tried economic incentives, and it doesn’t work more than a smidge.
The only thing massively inversely correlated to increased birth rates is female education and employment.
I think that the fact is, once women know how to avoid it, they basically don’t want kids, and that’s it. If we want them as a society, we will have to force them to have kids somehow — either by stopping their education and employment or by legally mandating it.
Jesus christ, this is your solution space? Like, when you rev up all your brain's horsepower to solve the problem, those are the two solutions you can come up with?
This is my new favorite comment in the btc space ever. And I am using a peculiar definition of 'favorite', obviously.
If we want them as a society, we will have to force them to have kids somehow — either by stopping their education and employment or by legally mandating it.
On the same subject, and based on the reality of today's largely digital dating market, wouldn't it be a good idea to have a NOSTR-based dating app? I'm not claiming that this alone will solve the birth rate problem, but today dating apps are, it seems to me, the mobile apps that generate the most revenue. The fiat mentality is omnipresent in the leaders of this market, we know how their business model works and it's completely abject. Today, these apps are for many the only way to get in touch with a potential partner, and that's not likely to change.
If the algorithm were optimized to maximize encounters leading to quality relationships rather than frustrating young men into paying a subscription fee, it could have a real impact on people's behavior and the birth rate.
But same problem as with Bitcoin, it takes adoption, and I can't see how an ideal NOSTR dating app would attract girls on it.
Men get screwed by the divorce court.
Definitely a few points I agree with here and I can see the incentive to not have kids, if you are tied to a certain lifestyle and your idea of maintaining that lifestyle is through consuming less, so if you have x income and you see it declining you don't want to have less by sharing it another human
I can definitely see this in the educated/middle-class who have 1 or no kids for the reasons you mentioned or they just don't think that it would be safe to raise a child here due to all the crime
I think there's a strong correlation not a general rule, like here in South Africa most people arent middle class or educated, many people have a bunch of kids even if they can't afford it, hoping one makes it and then drags the rest out of poverty, its like a lottery ticket, and the culture is kids are the pension funds.
You invest what you can, try to get the kid an education, they are your savings vehicle and you're hoping for one of them to be a unicorn, its like a VC model. Some might not make it big but all that have an income are encouraged to give back through what we call the "black tax"
Putting society back on a gold standard or bitcoin standard
I share your thoughts on the pressing matter of declining global birth rates and the multifaceted challenges it presents. One aspect that I believe warrants consideration is a shift in the way we perceive the decision to have children. While financial concerns undeniably play a substantial role in this decline, altering our perspective on the value and rewards of parenthood could potentially influence this trend.
There's a compelling argument to be made about the incredible returns on investment that parenting can offer. Rather than focusing solely on the monetary costs, emphasizing the intangible benefits and immeasurable joy that raising a child can bring might encourage prospective parents to reconsider their choices. The profound happiness, personal growth, and sense of purpose that parenthood provides are aspects that financial incentives don't capture, and they can be life-enriching in ways that few other experiences can match.
Of course the financial burden of children can be hard to ignore but promoting a balanced narrative that highlights both the challenges and the immense rewards of parenthood can potentially influence couples' decisions. It's a reminder that the decision to have children should be viewed as an incredibly low time preference investment that not only supports future generations but also supports one's own fulfillment and happiness.
By reframing the discourse surrounding parenthood, I'm hopeful we can start to address the decline in birth rates. Globalist depopulation agendas are a recipe for disaster.
In my experience it seems this perspective has resonated with Bitcoiners more than it has my fiat minded friends. Which is bullish because I know for a fact I'm raising my daughter to understand why Bitcoin is money and fiat is credit (at best).
I don't think this conclusion is correct:
"In essence, the decline in birth rates is not a consequence of individual choice or even culture but a byproduct of a kleptocratic monetary system that has made child-rearing unaffordable."
Culture has a huge impact as well. As with the year 1971 in financial terms, you can look at the years in the 1960s where the contraceptive pill entered the market, and then you take a look at birth rates in the decades before and after!
Economic incentives may help a little in terms of increasing birth rates, but even though France and Germany have quite high rates of financial support for children, and schools and health care are free (paid through taxes), the birth rates is still below the level of 2.1 child per woman.
Though you may not like the analysis of Mary Eberstadt in her book, Adam and Eve after the pill, I think it's worth listening very carefully. It takes a culture the values the self-gift of parenthood and especially motherhood much higher to turn numbers around...!