The Challenge

Many of us are passionate about building companies or creating innovative projects, but finding the right partner or co-founder can be a real struggle. Traditional methods like hackathons or meetups are great but only sometimes connect us with our ideal collaborator.

Monthly Collaboration Posts!

We’re introducing monthly collaboration posts on Stacker News! These posts will be a dedicated space for sharing what you’re building and discovering potential collaborators.

How It Works

  • Monthly Posts: We’ll have a fixed schedule (like the 1st of each month or the first Monday) for consistency and familiarity.
  • Community Engagement: We’ll boost these baby! So the entire Stacker News Community gets those ZAPS!
  • Amplification through Social Channels: Let's together broadcast these opportunities far and wide.

What to Include in Your Post

To streamline the process, we suggest the following template for your posts but feel free to adjust Stackers!:
  • Name/Nym: [Your Name]
  • Summary of What You’re Building: [Brief description of your project or idea or GitHub.]
  • What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? (e.g., engineers, marketing, sales, legal, education, design, mentorship, advisors, venture capital, strategy, technical consulting.)
  • Purpose: Is this for fun, or are you aiming to build a Bitcoin business?
  • How to Contact You: [Your preferred contact method]

Let’s Build Together!

This is an initiative that I hold dear to my heart. We have a strong collaboration environment at PlebLab, which I want to bring to the Stacker News community. We’re open to suggestions and excited to see how this idea evolves! I will also bring this up on Stacker News Live every first week of the month to get the most visibility for all the builders who participate, and try my best to facilitate an introduction or collaborator.
Ready to find your next co-founder or Building Partner? Post in the Monthly Collaboration thread, and let’s make it happen!
🤘⚡- @Car
Summary of What You’re building:
A FOSS Bitcoin Core based passive P2P networking tool called peer-observer. It hooks into tracepoint's in Bitcoin Core to extract, e.g., P2P messages sent and received, connections opened, closed, evicted, … The nodes are essentially well-behaving honey-pots with a lot of monitoring.
This is all already implemented and running. However, don't have a public demo of it at the moment. Happy to share something with interested people. I currently have 10 nodes running, dispersed around the globe.
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?
Looking for someone interested in Bitcoin P2P network level attacks that wants to build some sort of (real-time) anomaly detection with the data the tool is producing. For example, detection of inbound connection flooder's like LinkingLion: An entity linking Bitcoin transactions to IPs?.
The project is mainly written in Rust, but I've taken care that Python scripts should work too. The infrastructure is Nix+NixOS.
For fun and to make the Bitcoin network more secure. Not for profit. I have a grant to work on this (and more). I can't pay you for the work, though you might find someone else willing to give you a grant or similar for the work (I can help, but no promises!).
How to Contact You
Comment below, or send me a DM / email. You'll find ways to contact me on
  • Name/Nym: keyan
  • Summary of What You’re Building: this
  • What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? full stack engineers
  • Purpose: build this
  • How to Contact You:
More details here: #141924
this made my day lol
Name/Nym: Car
Summary of What You’re Building: Outside of PlebLab I work on @ThrillerBitcoin
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? Looking for more writers and someone who could book guests for my podcasts every week.
Purpose: Is this for fun, or are you aiming to build a Bitcoin business? It's a media company that I started in 2021 but haven't put the amount of effort I would have liked too.
nice nice nice nice love thriller
Name/Nym: Justin
Summary of What You’re Building: Shocknet, a web-first infrastructure stack for Lightning-Nostr Apps: Lightning.Video | | Lightning.Pub
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? We're a technical team and could use help interfacing with users, some combination of marketing-sales-education-community. We'll also consider Full Product Owners in a b2b/whitelabeling context.
Purpose: We've received modest venture funding and are looking to become sustainable so we can continue on to onboard the planet.
How to Contact You:
Really like what you’re building. Will no doubt message later
Name/Nym: Misha
Summary of What You’re Building: Global Remittances app, powered by LN, with fiat on & offramps
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? Round 1: Venture capital, advisors Round 2: Legal, design Round 3: Marketing, more fullstack engineers
Purpose: Build a Bitcoin business - tap into the existing fin networks & create real value + boost adoption
How to Contact You: On Telegram MishaD5
  • Name/Nym: Jon Hodl
  • Summary of What You’re Building: - Bitcoin educational content geared towards onboarding and educating newer users. Once core content is published, we will shift focus to more bitcoin news and other educational content.
  • What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? I am looking for any support that I can get. Followers, social media shares, guest authors, donations, sponsors, marketing, design, advisors, and anything else to drive bitcoin adoption forward.
  • Purpose: This is currently a passion project but I am looking to grow it into a business. I am trying to avoid banner ads because of cookie tracking etc so would like to focus on affiliates, sponsors, and donations from the community. Interested in any input that others have on how to best monetize the project.
  • How to Contact You: Fill Out This Contact Form
Name/Nym: MK / Pakoko Summary of What You’re Building: BTC mining off curtailed renewable assets -> local community support + remote community micro-grid projects What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? Need a technical lead or operations, essentially building specialized crypto-mines. If you're interested in helping or know someone who might be, feel free to reach out. Purpose: Looking to change the BTC mining game, develop the community/social aspect, all while solving a decades-long energy problem (Ontario/IESO). The goal is to recycle wasted clean power back into communities & particularly support underserved regions. How to Contact You:
Name/Nym: luke
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? Lightning Engineers and CMO(co-founder)
Purpose: Building the LightningFi ecosystem protocol based on Taproot Assets and Nostr
How to Contact You:
Name/Nym: Anthony Summary of What You’re Building: Lots of projects. What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? Marketing/advertising Purpose: business building MVPs How to Contact You:
Anthony - also doing fractional CTO
Neat..!! Here we go:



Summary of What You’re Building:
My goal is to use my development skills for Nostr related projects. I'm familiar with building things for the web with PHP, Drupal, Symfony, JavaScript, Vue / Nuxt. Besides webdevelopment my expierence goes broader with interaction design (I'm a graduated interaction designer) and helping / advising people / businesses as a tech consultant how to achieve ambitious digital goals with the right set of digital tools.
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?
I could be your Nostr related co-founder or building partner. You can help me out providing a challenge or problem which have to be resolved.
Building up a sustainable Nostr business. I believe any contribution to Nostr can have in potential an exponential benefit for all people. At this moment I'm looking for ways how to contribute to Nostr on the long-term. I'm doing this now on my own with technical research, building useful tools and sharing my learnings in public.

We can fix the web with Nostr, so the main goal on the long term is to make Nostr mainstream as a protocol for many applications.

How to Contact You:
Idea to help me build (project not off the ground):
  • Problem - Fiat subscriptions are dying - they are too expensive, too exposed to censorship and lock you into months/years of service that you don't require. I'd therefore like to find someone to help build a user-defined subscription service for Lightning & Nostr.
  • Must-Haves =
    • User defines desired length of payment term with a slider UI - hours to years
    • Date or block count is set as end date (pay for what you need/want)
    • Easily embed in almost any site
  • Should-Haves =
    • Digital content delivered via email service, Nostr DMs and/or private RSS
    • Move forward Nostr development with NIPs
    • Lightning and On-chain supported
  • Could-Haves =
    • Reminders - that ending in X days/blocks
    • Potentially leverage existing tech like or Wordpress
    • Privacy first - no PII or data-storage, Payjoin support
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?
  • Passionate all-round dev. Someone who leans more to back-end.
  • People to hold my feet to the fire and motivate us to strangle Substack.
  • Someone wanting this built too. By this team or the community.
Name/Nym: David (project name TBC) Contact Me: npub1xfp0eu86raryz2sw53f9qnxdujm8z73c5s55d3vzkae06gz5p0dsxae7an
Have you seen this? We are doing subscriptions on lightning already using NWC
Seems I have more tinkering to do.
Royllo Name/Nym: Stéphane Traumat / straumat Summary of What You’re Building: A search engine annd explorer for Taproot Assets living on the Bitcoin blockchain / / What Kind of Help Are You Looking For: Well, for now, I'm looking to discucess with peoples to see what could be done. Purpose: I don't know yet but I would like it to become a business. How to Contact You:
Name/Nym: n
Summary of What You’re Building: nQuiz - a Quiz platform, powered by Nostr and Bitcoin. There are 7 levels, a review process (for quality control), a reputation system, and an algorithm so that questions get harder as you play. We have 9 sites right now, with plans to launch another three soon.
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? We're a small team, completely bootstrapped, mainly focused on bugfixing and feature development. We need help with so many things!
  • Testing / feedback
  • Creation of new content (for which you would receive 100% of the contributor zaps)
  • Partners for launching new games (for which you will receive 100% of the game-payment zaps)
  • Graphics / logos etc
  • Marketing
  • General counseling / mentorship / advice
Purpose: We'd like to build something that rewards creators whilst also being commercially viable from a running cost perspective - eg from 402-sat signup fees or optional sidebox-advertising.
How to Contact You:
Name/Nym: flashsats
Summary of What You’re Building: A semi-non-custodial Lightning Wallet. This wallet will use hosted channels, but the funding transaction for the hosted channel can be verified either on-chain or through a proof of asset protocol. Users can opt to upgrade their hosted channels to private channels later on.
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For:
  • UI designer with product design skills.
Purpose: I am building a Bitcoin business.
How to Contact You:
reply Hey there, tagged you on twitter. Can't dm due to your settings. :)
Name/Nym: Orthzar
Summary of What You’re Building: A program/protocol that sends SSH traffic via Nostr relays as ephemeral events. The primary use-case is to allow you to remotely manage your servers without:
  • knowing their public IPs
  • changing firewall rules
  • setuping up a bounce server or paying for an RMM service
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? A software engineer, ideally with a deep understanding of SSH. But a good understanding of cryptography and network protocols are probably enough. If you don't know anything about Nostr, you'll obviously have to learn that.
Purpose: This program/protocol would solve a non-trivial problem for me at my job, but I don't have time to work on it. But I know that many other people have to deal with the same problem. I have no idea how to make a business out of this program/protocol, especially since it would be open-source.
How to Contact You: For the time being, @ me on SN and we can SYN-ACK some private comms.
Nostr would add unnecessary overhead to that, but you could wrap in the elements you want (like the identity keys) with regular sockets. Tunneling SSH over WS is not entirely uncommon.
lol, you must be in the MSP world... my condolences
Nostr relays are like rendesvous points on the internet, which could replace the need for many centralized services, such as RMM services.
Nostr would add unnecessary overhead to that
Tor imposes a lot of overhead, but SSH works well when connecting to a server via a Hidden Service, which involves multiple TLS tunnels.
This program/protocol would only use ephmeral events, so only a few NIPs need to be implemented.
lol, you must be in the MSP world... my condolences
Thankfully I am not really in the MSP world. But, a part of my job requires that I use an RMM service, which is very rough around the edges, due to some serious design flaws.
I have looked at all other options, and making a new protocol is the only option -- well, other than quitting this job.
Nostr relays are like rendesvous points on the internet
I was just comparing to a more general socat-like server, but yea compared to Tor it'd still be a massive improvement and might have added benefits by being able to hide amongst other traffic on public infrastructure.
ephmeral events, so only a few NIPs need to be implemented
You probably wouldn't need any in that case as the relay will just dump them, your protocol would just be an application that uses nip01 as it defines kind ranges for ephemeral events... then yours is just an application with a specific kind, there's a few like that including ours:
Name/Nym: Rico
Summary of What You’re Building: Design-as-a-service for web 3 projects. We've worked with venture backed-projects on product design, web design, and branding.
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?: Looking to connect with Projects in need of Design help.
Purpose: We want to help you launch faster and grow farther by taking on all your design needs.
How to Contact You: Email:
Looking forward to connect with you all!
My ideas and views are too extreme for many people. I understand that, is fine. Masses are not ready yet for that kind of thing. So I will let others to do this. I am just watching and zapping.
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Not too extreme for me, brother.
Share anyway. Fuck those that can't handle different ideas.
Nice! Good idea
I have something in the works, maybe I'll post it next month.
Fantastic idea! I'm excited to watch the unleashed synergy. I wish this started last year, when the bear market had everyone concentrating on building rather than staring at the price ticker.
BOOOOOM! Great news ⚡⚡⚡
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This is real digital gold right here 🏅 great idea
Do it!
Great initiative, LFG!
Good way to find collaborators
That's great, I may use that too
This is an awesome idea.
Wonderful, Stacker News evolving 🙌
This is awesome to see the space evolving and I’ll spread the word. I’m not at a place in my life & Bitcoin journey yet to be building items like this yet, but I look forward to the ideas and changes. I’ll send zaps for support though!
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What an amazing idea! Let me gather what I have and really eager to find a co-builder and/co-founder...
Name Swiss Bitcoin Pay / Jimmy
Summary of What You’re Building The easiest way to accept Bitcoin payments, used by 100+ businesses in 13+ countries ( /
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For? Any help is very welcomed, including but not limited to: Software Developers, Security experts, Marketing, Sales, Legal, Education, Designers, ...)
Purpose Registered & licensed company in Switzerland.
How to Contact You Send some short introduction at
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Name/Nym: Oliver, Founder & Software Engineer
Summary of What You’re Building: Jippi is an interactive education app for beginners to earn and learn about Bitcoin. With Jippi, users can complete bitesize learning modules called “Paths” and earn sats as a reward. Social connection is another important aspect of the app, as users can join an online community of Bitcoiners called a “Tribe”, where a Tribe head will facilitate regular audio conversations called “Gatherings”. These offer a more friendly and sociable way to learn about Bitcoin topics, where the audio conversations are saved, rather like a podcast, for later listening. Jippi is the simplest, most accessible way to start your Bitcoin journey. Our website is here: You can find a demo of the app here:
What Kind of Help Are You Looking For?
I’m looking for a technical co-founder to join me on the project. Ideally, I’m looking for someone who:
  • Is passionate about educating the next wave of Bitcoiners
  • Has experience in mobile software engineering (any of these are good: React Native, Flutter, Java, or Swift)
  • Is motivated to contribute to the vision and purpose of a new Bitcoin startup, with lots of scope for deep impact
  • Is based in the USA
My goal here is to grow Jippi LLC from a team of one with a prototype app, to a viable Bitcoin business with an app that has product market fit and revenue. This means building a founding team, refining the Jippi MVP to become feature-complete for launch, and going for funding. If you would like to join a project that already has an idea in place and a prototype app on TestFlight, then I would love to talk.
How to Contact You:
Telegram - @its_olpo
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