I'm thrilled to launch Storm.pub, a lightning-enabled version of YouTube! (And soon, a Nostr client!)
Now, you can support your favorite creators with sats through our Like or "Make It Rain" ⛈️ buttons.
How it works:
  1. Copy the URL of any YouTube video.
  2. Paste it into Storm.pub.
  3. Watch, like, and make it rain sats to support creators!
🌐 Future Plans: We aim to transform Storm.pub into a Nostr Client, allowing users to watch videos, comment, and zap on the Nostr network, eliminating reliance on centralized platforms that censor content.
🌟 Value 4 Value: Support Storm.pub by visiting Storm.pub/v4v
💬 Telegram: Join our community on Telegram to request features and give feedback Telegram Channel
🛣️ Roadmap: Check out the roadmap on Storm.pub/about
We're proud to have the following creators already on board:
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  1. is NOT a LN version of youtube. It just forcing youtube users to register their videos on this platform. So it REQUIRE youtube, not replacing it.
  2. Right now I do not need to register a video in order to receive sats. On Youtube you just have to add a LN address in the video description and you can pays with sats directly using Alby extension without any other tool., with just 1 click.
  3. If you really want an advanced "pay per view" video platform, better use https://lightning.video or https://zap.stream
WE NEED TO REPLACE YOUTUBE, not keep using with tools on top of it. Also now YT is forcing viewers to login in order to see videos. No more anonymous views. So this storm.pub became useless anyways with these new YT rules. Fuck YT.
What are your feelings about https://www.flare.pub/?
I haven't used it much, yet, but it looks more promising to me than the two you mentioned.
Oh yeah ! Thanks for reminding Flare ! Yes I try it a bit but not from the content creator side, just as a user consumer. Is promising. It is a good alternative to Youtube.
I've been thinking about uploading the videos I share on SN to Flare, so that I'm sending people there instead of Odysee.
I don't know how is the policy to upload or if they have a "free limit". They have nostr login and zap option and that is a huge advantage. anyways, I think is a much better alternative to Youtube and could be a good source of videos for SN.
Maybe you could write a guide on SN about how to use Flare and share videos on SN.
They charge for storage space. It's 10k sats for 2GB, which I'm sure I won't make back initially.
I don't mind subsidizing it a little bit, if it helps get people off of YT.
ofc storage is not cheap so the uploader must pay something. Another method that they can implement is sharing costs from earnings. For example if you do not have enough sats to pay to upload, you could say "ok this video will be with pay per view up until will accumulate x amount of sats to cover the costs". So viewers will pay per view and saths will be split between Flare and uploader, until are covering the costs. Then the uploader could switch to free view and just leave the V4V zaps activated. Flare got their part, uploader also could post his video.
It should embrace the Blossom spec, a layer build on top of Nostr for storing the video blobs (files).
But the developer of flare.pub (same applies to flockstr.com from the same dev) is not very active nor ambitious on further development.
I totally agree with your point, but IMO replacing Youtube is the end goal and to reach it, there is some space in the middle to cover.
Just taking a look on the Trending Video on Flare, we can see the numbers...
There have to be done some steps in order to replace Youtube...the audience we liked or not is on Youtube, so first we have to teach them on Youtube about the advantages on the new platforms, like no sign in required, Zaps, no censorship, etc..and then, slowly, they will start to watch content on the new platforms....
I can tell you're very excited :)
I am working towards replacing YouTube. I want this site to become a Nostr client. Right now you can watch any video that is currently on YouTube already on my site. There is no need to re-post and host every video ever created all over again. Not going to reinvent the wheel if I dont have to :)
Having a like button that displays an invoice is a UI improvement in my opinion. Especially since not everyone has a lightning enabled extension available. When I have Nostr integrated, it will just automatically zap the creator, so only one click will be needed.
This site is not intended to be pay per view. Only V4V.
Yeah sure, "nice tool" that I cannot view the video...
I think you understand what I mean. Forcing me to go back to YT it will end badly for this app. I mean it cannot be used.
LMAO. Dead on arrival 100%.
As an aside, in the U. S. the login is not required YET, but it does seem to be heading that way. Lately I constantly get bombarded with "reminders" to log in. Does anyone know if this policy has been announced worldwide? I'm sure it's coming.
YT is already ded. They will force everybody to login. Not even Invidious serves will be allowed anymore.
Do you use zap. stream or lightning.video? Which has more content? Do you think they seem to be growing?
Do you use zap. stream or lightning.video?
Here is my testing account https://lightning.video/darthcoin
They're just started. Are in a very incipient stage, but are on the right path. There's also https://tunestr.io/ We really need a full replacement for YT with NOSTR (not building on top of YT).
This is great! Any inside the citadel videos yet? (I just zapped your flash crash video)
Thats interesting. I havent tried watching a video without being logged in. thanks for bringing this to my attention!
It's a warning for you. Your app soon will became useless. Concentrate in building something else.
Have you considered making a lightning address associated with the description/channel metadata that allows users to stream sats in realtime?
I actually made a prototype of this back in the day but no one really implemented it. Just have the creator put in an address and have the client stream 0-10 sats depending on user preferences & informed consent.
Ok. What will you personally be doing to replace youtube?
Stop building garbage on top of Google and Big Tech. We need open-source anti-censorship privacy-respecting alternatives, if your app site or whatever requires Youtube then this is dead on arrival, not sorry.
what steps are you taking to replace YouTube, personally? Do you have a GitHub?
legendary response @cascdr
Have fun wasting time building on top of Google.
Have fun bitching and doing nothing to improve the situation.
You can build.
You can buy.
You can invest.
You can bitch.
And as the great Bill Parcells once said: You are what you do.
I'm doing something, i'm giving him my feedback. We need talented minds like him to come up with REAL YouTube alternatives. What he is doing right now is building on top of Google... seems like a total waste of his skills and time.
No you're just being a miserable dick.
There is a respectful way to give the same feedback.
You're sitting back and armchair quarterbacking and discouraging people that are trying to learn and build. There is absolutely a path for this project to decouple from YouTube over time. He's probably one guy that's self funded or barely funded going against one of the biggest corporations on the planet. Show some grace.
Give your time talent or treasure or at least be respectful or GFY.
He's probably one guy that's self funded or barely funded going against one of the biggest corporations on the planet.
He's not going against Google if he's building on top of Google lmao...
I created an "Augmented Layer" on YouTube called CASCDRVision which allows you to get transcripts and do different kinds of analysis on videos. We allow users to summarize videos, obtain & search the transcript, highlight text to create clips and even use AI to search for top quotes or "fuzzy search".
All of these are lightning enabled services. Happy to collaborate with you to make those available in your application. DM me on nostr if interested and we could work out a plan (video demo links to our profile).
10 sats \ 1 reply \ @moel 12 Jun
The problem with forcing a user to host a video on YT is that it keeps “feeding the beast”. And the problem of forcing users to upload their content to all these separate hosting platforms is that it time consuming.
Most simply choose YT for sheer convenience. I don’t blame them.
So this idea is quite good, but it should add some more steps:
  1. Every video is downloaded from YT
  2. And automatically seeded on #nostr or #DHT (Torrent) based platforms for future reference.
This way we break the cycle of needing YT because “that’s where all videos are” and “hosting is easy via YT.”
I like this model. only issue is that its a ton of bandwidth and storage issues to download that many videos.
Thanks for sharing! Just sent a message to be registered. Love the idea, imagine if mr.beast or someone came on haha. Would be insane.
This is cool regardless, just tipped Matthew Kratter from my alby extension. Pretty cool
Amazing Stuff This is light years ahead of its time. Super bullish on the flow of this project
Many thanks. I hope I can have it live up to the expectations!
I think this is a great idea. I hope you are able to build this out! Looking forward to it. I think what you have now is more of a prototype.
definitely. goal is to build something minimal and see if users like it, then put more resources into it if its liked.
C'mon, show me some real pleb work...
Very misleading title!!
It's not LN enabled version of YouTube.
YouTube is a centralised property of Google and without its permission noone can use its name for promotion. You should be thankful to SN that here you can take their name and they can't use you for the same.
You've talked a big thing for Google and YouTube...."A NEW VERSION".