Your own personal link page to receive bitcoin payments.

Checked it out where to find yours.

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This is great! 🫡

Holy shit. This is great. Really easy to set up.

I think Alby is great, it just works, the user experience is smooth, and it keeps getting better every time.

Absolutely recommended.

This is great for users that want to be tipped by cashapp or strike users since they don't have address support.

Wow, so innovative!

As if Tippinme, Zebedee, Lntxbot, Vida hadn't done this before.

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Very cool great work on the ux!

Why is this in settings haha

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You're shipping fast!

Looking for a Product Designer who can code? :)

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I could be interested in talking to you about this if you are looking for something in the Bitcoin/Lightning space.

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Yes, Bitcoin/Lightning space!

Where can I message you?

But please mention: this feature is available ONLY for users that choose the alby wallet, not external wallet.