65,617 sats stacked
stacking since: #132516longest cowboy streak: 59
The kind of Stackers I loved getting zapped from
When You say original SN territories, do you mean the major four categories that was around before we finally got to know them as territories?
The Vision Pro is not an accessory. It does not pair to your iPhone, like AirPods and Apple Watches do. No, the Vision Pro replaces your gadgets — iPad, first, then MacBook, and eventually, as size permits, your iPhone, your TV, and pretty much everything else.
This is a big propaganda going on here but progress can't be stopped
He has come far from just being that
If there are more platform integration to Lightning network like this then hyperbitcoinization is near
Never giving up should be a mantra based on the principles of whoever abide by it
A great song for the modern generation
Welcome once again If you use the same wallet then it had to be the same account
It can be made possible with dedication and commitment
This is only limited to SN for now
The present name is ok but I had to vote Breathe Bitcoin to see the poll status
1 Million, 10 Million and 100 Million sats should have been an option
I want to build a bitcoin only marketplace sort of like Amazon but with payment only in Bitcoin
Can't this audiobooks be turned into podcast on @fountain for better engagement?
Edward Snowden stole information too but it really did help us know what the government was doing to its citizens