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appreciate the thoughtful write up, excited to hear what everyone else on here thinks.

welcome to SN!

i hear you.

what is your best guess for why people have not “woken up to see” the things you outline?

repetitively yelling at people to wake up is insanity, perhaps it’s time for a new strategy…

i thought @bitcoinerrorlog had the right view on this issue in our recent conversation.

ignoring the law is stupid, trying to get regulators to support bitcoin won’t work, but building a system that cannot be regulated and fighting for bitcoin rights seems like the path forward.


i think you’re asking an important question.

it may not a big deal when the amounts are a few pennies or dollars, but there will come a time when people start slinging around thousands of dollars in sats each month.

i haven’t found a good tool for keeping track of all lightning activity yet, part of the problem is that it’s possible to send and receive from many different apps that don’t talk to each other.

oh i see, so it wouldn’t be possible to put in kr@stacker.news or a lightning address from other apps, just those from a wallet like alby?

i do like the idea of eliminating the need for qr code logins for apps that have a lot of mobile users

welcome to SN!

interesting… so under this proposal, if someone inputs a lightning address in the email field, will they have to leave SN to authenticate?

If everything is divided by 21 million, does that mean all non-bitcoin assets are worthless?

looks like they paid off $800m of debt, rather than issuing $800m of debt.

Madeira looks incredible.

Aside from being Bitcoin friendly, what is your pitch on why someone should move there?

Also, if you had to make a case for why someone shouldn’t move there what would you say?

looks like v2 of lightning movie has launched, has anyone here watched a full movie on it yet?


the meme monday arbitrage has begun!

i get the idea of building on bitcoin in layers, but i don’t understand why we call them layer 1, 2, and 3.

this naming system gives newcomers no clues as to how the bitcoin ecosystem actually works.

sometimes people call lightning a payments layer and the base blockchain a settlement layer which makes sense to me, are there any useful terms for describing the activity that happens on layer 3?

welcome to SN!

welcome to SN!

very cool to see the number of bitcoiners that have come together over a google doc to plan this event

welcome to SN!