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awesome, thanks for sharing!

is this the first time google (or any big tech co) has specifically called out the lightning network?

linking @moel’s question from earlier today as it hasn’t been answered yet:


one thing i don’t understand well is how bitcoin protocol changes are made.

is there a specific framework or decision making system bitcoin core maintainers use to determine whether an update should be merged?

is there a specific process for aspiring bitcoin core maintainers to become one?

if the answer to either of those questions is no, my follow up is why not?

thanks! it’s been live since Sept 2022

i built this website for you: https://www.stacksats.how/

very interesting move, excited to see bitcoin companies embrace hardware manufacturing too

awesome, what do you think about allowing users to generate podcasts directly in the app by inputting a blog post or written document?

is AI good enough today to generate realistic, expressive voices for long-form content that sound better than Siri or Alexa?

love the ability to pay sats for a transcript within the app, also excited about the faster upload speed.

it seems like AI has unlocked a whole new set of transcription/voiceover experiences for summarizing and creating content in the last few months… are there any AI-related features you are thinking about building?

i’d love to see more Lightning merchants make a point of offering discounts for paying via Lightning.

these discounts could be upwards of 5-10% for low-value items and still the merchant would come out ahead.

yes to both, and so in theory if your sub was a popular one with lots of transactions and fees, you could actually earn a profit for running it

good idea.

if you had to pay a monthly fee to create a sub, how much would you pay to bring this sub to life?

Add a new section: real life stories of Bitcoin adoption. Invite people with wonderful stories of their onboarding or how Bitcoin changed their life. Give a positive example!

Positivity is key. It’s next to impossible to grow the Bitcoin community by yelling at newcomers or complaining about their choices, questions, portfolios, etc…

Showing people the best parts of the Bitcoin community and inviting them to take part themselves is far more effective.

i’m speaking about my personal experiences growing up among Canadian immigrants… many of my high school classmates went from low-income housing to getting software engineering jobs at Google & Facebook right out of university.

i truly believe they worked harder on balance.

what would you like to see Canada do to improve social advancement opportunities?

i’m mostly observing nostr and listening closely to nostr builders, i don’t have any strong personal opinions on it yet