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Good point, depends on how many people use fiat as a unit of account vs. sats, but could def be a contributor.

let’s gooooo! ⚡️

love it, hope to make my first trip soon!

What might be the most surprising or unexpected thing about life in Africa for someone who has never been to Africa?

Interesting, if you had to guess, how many people have debit/credit cards in Nigeria today?

If you had to guess, how many people are using Bitcoin in Nigeria today?

Interesting, did you make any changes or notice any particular peers were seeing reduced sat flow?

really puts things into perspective, even after recognizing @ax’s points

I don’t know as much about Liquid as I should.

One of the most interesting parts of Lightning to me is that there seems to be real traction that accelerates every month across dozens of apps and wallets.

Where can I go to see some of the emerging apps being built on Liquid?

on every episode, i now reserve 10% of the sats for a listener question.

basically, i tweet out my upcoming guests and if listeners send in questions for them, the best question gets added to the show splits.

it’s an extension of the value 4 value idea, if listeners provide valuable questions, they get value in return.

In @merryoscar’s AMA earlier this week, he mentioned that 257 shows have earned sats from listeners in the last 30 days.


Anecdotally, I can say that my show has been consistently earning 100k-300k sats per month on Fountain… I have been getting sat boosts every single day for the last 3-4 months.

Worth noting that I only receive 44-49% of the sats sent in to my show (so the total is higher than 100-300k), the rest go to guests, Fountain, the Podcast Index, and one listener.

Right now i view earning as a great onboarding tool for consumer apps, since nobody is used to being paid for their time on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Spotify, etc…

Product-market fit remains the best indicator of long-term success (you can’t pay people enough to use a bad product), but for consumer social apps like Fountain & SN where network effects are very important, this makes a lot of sense as a way to cross the chasm and get a critical mass of users.

Like all good growth hacks, there will come a time where earning money is expected, and it will be harder for apps to get new users with this onboarding strategy.

In the meantime, consumers are going to benefit with actual rewards that they can use anywhere, and that’s a great thing. The earning genie isn’t going back in the bottle.

I suspect that over time, the highest value sat-earning apps will be things like Stakwork where you’re actually performing a task that someone is willing to pay for the completion of… aka a job or a bounty.

we’re getting 500-1,000 new shows/month now, but could definitely see a mid-tier podcast player turning on value 4 value payments for all their hosted shows this year. seeing some really solid traction on my show despite the bear market for Bitcoin.

fascinating idea, do any other implementations support something similar?

Is it fair to compare this ability to make fee/speed trade-offs to Bitcoin’s mempool where you can pay more to get your transaction approved faster?

what makes that specific country a good hedge?

One thing i wonder is how a 95% database reduction compares to the current state for those running other implementations?

Said differently, how much larger were LND databases than Core LN or Eclair databases prior to this LND upgrade?

love this idea! will there be a web front end for anyone to view in real time? perhaps historical stats too!