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i can't see a way that this doesn't get out of hand. the most competitive people in the world are bound to try the most reckless tactics and experimental PEDs to get ahead.
i like his use of the word "violence" when describing what is happening inside our bodies on the cellular level when consuming these types of inflammatory foods. it's not hyperbole when you zoom into what is indeed happening on a cellular level; it's a spot-on assessment.
feels like there's a metaphor here (based on the legend) for military interventionism triggering the end of the world
  1. societal stressors and a relentless stream of toxic media consumption.
the modern western diet as a whole is probably the biggest contributor though imo.
exercise is my go-to if something is really plaguing my mind. especially the bike; a simple repetitive motion like that allows the mind to work things out all on it's own, kind of like a meditative auto-pilot.
this is a good philosophical question.
the amount of psychological manipulation over the years is indeed astounding, and i'd say most people aren't truly aware of this manipulation, especially the more subtle methods. to that end, it's essentially impossible to ever get consent for a completely voluntary transaction. there will always be an element of manipulation, be it an exploitation of addiction or otherwise. both parties involved can truly have no idea of manipulation even being a part of their decision making process; that's how deep these machinations have gone.
i think the question becomes one of subjectivity towards what the definition of "value" is. someone with purely self-interested motives would view anything gained in their favor as having value, regardless of the repercussions for everyone else involved with that transaction. on a macro level, that's a destructive mentality, but for that one individual, it's a construction mentality.
this rambling of mine might not have added any value to this overall discussion. but essentially, the best we can do is voice our opinions, and condemn "destructive" actions and patterns of others, with (most importantly) a reasoned explanation for the thought process on how we got there.
i haven't done much in the vein of music production in the last few years, but it used to be my primary passion. there's a bunch of things on my bandcamp, but the track i'm most proud of is this one:
spent many many hours on the mixing phase of this one. a labor of love.
thanks for providing the avenue for posting this :) i gotta visit this territory more often
i've found Quercetin (with Bromelain) to be a major boost for the immune system. it's also helped my girlfriend with her seasonal allergies, replaced the need for anti-histamines.
lots of rest/sleep and doses fresh air are the best things you can do for yourself (imo).
raw garlic is also a good one, immediately followed by an apple to mitigate the harshness of the garlic. this is especially helpful for throat ailments.
india should be on here for contrast
for those who reject this deal, i'm curious ... realistically, in dealing with governments and organizations hell-bent on controlling everything, what do you see as the alternative?
i've been waiting for something like this.
but i agree with many of the comments on nostr ... verifying identity still remains the core vulnerability, and outsourcing it to 3rd party registry brings all the same problems. that's where the abuse will happen.
this was almost certainly planned for many weeks beforehand ... i'd really love to see this twist happen; a rejection of the big players and going back to the roots. it's the allegory the world needs right now.
"good intentions" is highly subjective, and i suspect that those with immense capital and influence are living in such a different reality from 99% of people, that even the best of intentions will have unexpected consequences.
there needs to be a recognition that the obscene wealth gap has created a rift in our collective reality.
this is great!! nice work :D
WEF is just a public face, but it's a handy heads-up for what the globalists have waiting for us around the corner.
i'm not so sure there will be a strong reaction against them, sadly. we are likely to get overwhelmed with a variety of crises across the globe, and priority will be getting each of our own houses in order first.
it seems like another version of pinterest, which i'd be into.