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can you please continue printing money that be great.

we used to just gift 10 dollar in btc on a paper wallet.

something like: "take that here. this is bitcoin. i made this. keep it. do not tell anyone."

some lost it. some kept it. everyone remembers. they will never forget.

one guy i orange pilled was so orange pilled he went all in and he made it.

Lets say Bitcoin is a Zebra and Fiat is a Horse. If you paint the horse the way a zebra looks. The horse will look like a zebra - but still be a horse?

When will governments start to print money just to buy more BTC?

i liked samson more before pushing liquid bonds stuff. if it changes the game or makes something better we will see.

i would need a real prepaid sim from el salvador per mail to europe. feature request

Yes to SN. he is vocal for years about btc. now that he can see btc at work he should try some native internet experience with it. imagine a bitcoiner who never saw gold shine.

"I think bitcoin has a great future and it will change the world…. we will see." Ricardo Salinas Pliego 2021

Well, it looks to me as they have never cared about any coutry inflating their currency but now they care about volatility and the people of el salvador? At least they are not concerned about turkey people loosing 50% in 11 months?

is this a f***** s****show? when will this alternative reality end?

When you shitpost a lot about the dollar - you also may face unlawful problems on usa airports?

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i am thankful for all the nay sayers. without them there would be no btc.

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Welcome and thank you for the service!


1CAmount GetBlockSubsidy(int nHeight, const Consensus::Params& consensusParams) 2{ 3int halvings = nHeight / consensusParams.nSubsidyHalvingInterval; 4// Force block reward to zero when right shift is undefined. 5if (halvings >= 64) 6 return 0; 7 8CAmount nSubsidy = 50 * COIN; 9// Subsidy is cut in half every 210,000 blocks which will occur approximately every 4 years. 10nSubsidy >>= halvings; 11return nSubsidy; 12}

it may just be the case that politicans in countrys trying to ban mining have poor understanding of enegry production transport and use or do not trust their power providers to provide power not only to bitcoin but to the people.

everytime i get the muh prove of work fud from well educated it specialsts i tend to tell them if mining is a problem how can it be that energy is so cheap? if energy would be priced in terms of production cost and not in terms of market overproduction and underbidding the others noone in europe but the ones using the buffer function or the produced heat could mine bitcoin with a timed profit for a long time.

energy prices have to go up then co2 emissions and waste will go down. mining with thermal energy from the planet in remote locations is the way to go long term.

bitcoin has the incentive built in and soon mining will not compete with humans enegy consumption.

let them ban it where they want - somone will buy old miners and used solar panels and go to the desert to mine.

when we sarted to mine in the old days we would never imagine that either miners or power would be an issue some day. today it seems like silicium is more a bottleneck than energy. when taiwan would ban producing mining hardware or they would build anti mining circuits in multi use hardware then we would still have the old hardware.

either way... if we like it or not... stopping pow or changing it requires global consensus.

"Vattenfall, Sweden’s state-owned power company, has pointed out that crypto mining is not necessarily a problem. In fact, the company has pointed out that it has the potential to be a solution to some of the challenges that energy producers are faced with.

Vattenfalls’ Head of Physical Power Management, Henrik Juhlin, said that crypto mining represents an ideal way to balance the load on electric grids, particularly when the power supply varies. This is currently the case in Sweden and any country that relies on renewable power sources.

Juhlin said, “[The crypto miners] can both reduce and increase their consumption [of energy]. It can work as a buffer, so to speak, for the production of energy.” He went on to explain that miners can consume electricity whenever there is a surplus and switch off their machines when there is a shortage of electricity. This makes it an effective tool for grid management. "