34,737 sats stacked
stacking since: #2070
did you mine solo back then? did you find a solo block?
in the ol days there were discussions or visions to have a market in bitcoinqt. still remembering the coffee button?
feels like a rare hydra moment to me.
germany planned closing last nuclear plants eoy. now theyre going to buy new rods from russia to compensate gas shortage cause russia.
cannot make that up
i do not understand the question? 1 btc is one 1 btc? in the beginning tx were free? now they call us maxi? and mrs. turds dog stepped on a bee?
yours maxi
Well two days ago btc hashrate ath. Let them fud out the gamblers they can get in higher later.
What a fun it would be to visit BAFIN on Wandertag.
"Since stablecoins solve most of the problems that Bitcoin solves but without the volatility"
thank you for playing! want to play again?
do not worry. it ll be fine. keep up the spirit - without you it would not be the same. thank you for beeing with us.
it can be a rough ride from time to time. you are on the right track.
i bought a million won on ebay. customs was not amused...
have 12 stable channels here. cheap, fibre uplink, 24/7. last closed 2 months ago and before 4 months ago. rewards low but still routing.
50% A 50% B remind me in 10y
can we have a nft filter cause my nft allergy?
just joking. thanks for the updates cheers
I have a joke on Bitcoin But it requires so much energy to get it.