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Testing out several different ways you can run tasks in the background on iOS or Android devices. Depending on the device and manufacturer, backgrounding and suspending of applications running can be quite aggressive. You can use hacks like requesting geolocation updates or audio streams, but they can unpredictable and even rejected from app stores for misuse. The ultimate goal is to find a reliable method to enable mobile applications to perform recurring payments over the Lightning Network.
Lots of testing and learning going on in the last weeks.
  1. It's brutal trying to run a lightning app and stream payments in the background on mobile (without being an audio app).
  2. The data quality of charge point operators and infrastructure supporting the charge network is poor.
  3. Reading through the nostr protocol spec I can think of at least two ways I could integrate nostr into satimoto.
Charge car for 511 sats, post on SN about it, earn 951 sats :zap:
I'm building Satimoto: Electric vehicle charging with Bitcoin. A non-custodial, privacy first charging app that streams sats over lightning whilst charging your electric vehicle.
Our Android app is ready to go and waiting on approval from Apple for the iOS release, which when ready will go out to our Early Access signups.
We have 25,000 charge point locations in our system ready to go with more to come.
You can follow along with our progress on Twitter.
If you were stuck in an elevator with the EU Commissioner for Energy, what would be your best pitch to them that Bitcoin mining can help balance a flexible renewable power grid?
Hi @alsye!
What do you think is the biggest barrier Bitcoin and/or the Lightning Network has to break through to reach mass adoption?
At what point do you think is the right time for a project or startup to reach out to a VC company? And on that, is there a minimum set of requirements you typically look for before investing in a company?
It's pretty clear the ECB are shit scared of Bitcoin as it takes away their monetary control. This article is co written by the former Head of Risk Management for 4 years at the ECB, which says it all.
Es hat sich ein Konsens herausgebildet, dass Bitcoin sein urspr├╝ngliches Ziel, eine W├Ąhrung zu sein, nicht erreicht. Er ist viel zu volatil, um die klassischen Funktionen von Geld zu erf├╝llen: Rechnungseinheit, Zahlungsmittel, Wertaufbewahrung. Und auch nur als Zahlungsmittel ist es zu ineffizient.
A consensus has emerged that Bitcoin is not achieving its original goal of being a currency. It is far too volatile to fulfil the classic functions of money: unit of account, means of payment, store of value. And even as a means of payment, it is too inefficient.
Was is this "consensus"? Maybe the consensus of these two ECB employees.
Fiat currency is the biggest rug-pull in human history.