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You didn't read the motivational part?
TLDR: it's not just security, Tor is slow af
Congrats on getting this out.
I personally prefer to generate a vanity pubkey using rana and store using the tried and true pass
As for integration, in the terminal I can just do nostr_console --prikey=$(pass nostr)
Wouldn't that make it easier to trace money flows to DNMs?
There will always be scams. Most altcoins are not driven by tech innovation and experimentation but by greed. That will never stop.
There is NIP that specifies key delegation: publishing a note that gives a certain client app permission to sign notes for you. That permission can then be revoked at any time in case the app is compromised.
Regarding the storage and usage of the private key:
Hardware wallet that signs events and delegations > Native containes apps where private key is hot > browser extension that contains private key and signs events > pasting private key on webapp
LNC centralizes NAT transversal over 2 mailbox proxies. Sure, you can self-host one, but if you really care about privacy and sovereignty, you should connect to your node directly through wireguard.
For those wondering:
How do I get a custom PayNym?
You may have seen some PayNym’s with names or bot images that do not follow the standard format that Samourai Wallet typically generates. This is simply a manual change that the dev team kindly offer to make on the PayNym.is servers. Due to the manual nature of this change, the team does not make a habit of offering this as a request service and it has absolutlely zero to do with the underlying payment code.
Basically paynym != bip47. Paynym is just. Samourai developed off-spec extension to their bip47 implementation and the paynym directory is centralized in nature.
Hope this helps!
What is manual about it?
Is it a permissioned system?
I thought this was part of a BIP... Is there a centralized component?
Yeah I saw how it played out and I'm happy with it.
I wrote that comment before the funding and planning was carried out and was just afraid of any potential strings attached.
Zeus is the best fully selfcustodial LN wallet and I will fight anyone who disagrees.
Amazing work Evan!
Time to quit my fiat job and start working on this.
I just can't imagine if Bitcoin would be the same if it had a 200k USD seed grant
The state is not your friend.
The sooner we accept that bitcoiners are at odds with the State, the better we can prepare for what's coming.
I will never get tired of repeating this: stop stacking using KYC, it's the lowest hanging fruit.
This is SN equivalent of getting ratio'ed.
Nostr has a really good grassroots vibe going on, similar to the early days of bitcoin.
It would be a shame to ruin that with a high profile sponsor with a known record of mismanagement.