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Mmmmm, the nocoiner comments are soooo gooooood...

False equivalence fallacy.

Telephones replaced the dots and dashes of telegraphs.

Bitcoin is actually worse than government backed, FDIC insured currency that is accepted everywhere.

Bitcoin is Ultra Fiat. No government backing. No insurance on deposits. Accepted at far less than 1% of businesses.

Bitcoin is like going from telephones back to telegraphs.

Any plans to make an account and post to bitcointv.com?

What are the advantages of using a browser extension over an app on my phone?

I wouldn't be surprised to see the beard go.

Finally wrapping this up. This is definitely worth a watch and sending to anyone on the fence whether you're a fan of Tucker Carlson or not. It's absolutely great!

Really glad they went with NFC to interact between the phone and hardware device. I've said this before and I think NFC will be the bridge that makes it easy for normies to onboard to Bitcoin through LN, as I think LN payments done in-person will be mostly over NFC instead of QR codes.

  1. The 7th Property: This one is my recommendation to friends and family to orange pill them. Similar to The Bitcoin Standard in that the book is split between understanding money and understanding Bitcoin. This one just got me way more excited while reading it.
  2. The Blocksize War: Pure entertainment with this one. I'm very grateful for Jonathan Bier's obsession with this subject.
  3. Cryptoeconomics: This one was actually extremely difficult to read, and I learned that by doing so, it's simply not meant to be "read" like a book. I use this for reference almost all the time, and it's perfect for that purpose.

I would love to see the full version of this.

Time to get some Stacker News presence on Mastodon?

Buying bitcoin is a trade. The other side of that trade, someone is willing to accept USD for their BTC. It's not "burned" when you buy. The only way the USD can become deflationary is if the Fed stops printing money and banks are required to have 100% capital reserves for loans. Never happening, ever.

Muun is definitely my favorite. Only thing I need out of it is to default to sats on install and default to Lightning when hitting the receive button. Having main chain capabilities is nice too, I would just prefer to use it for LN.

I had a feeling that was the reason. Sorry I just had to troll you a little lol.

Yep. Offering some shitcoins is a slippery slope in that you'll get a never-ending army of shills wanting you to add their new favorite shitcoin to the platform. Adding them means having to keep up with them for as long as you have customers of them, and custody can be nearly impossible. Focusing on Bitcoin only allows for cutting edge features to have priority and no regulatory risk.

This smells like shitcoinery! What gives?

Bitcoin banks is what will get a lot of precoiners into Bitcoin, IMO. They, and most Bitcoiners, will have to interface with legacy banking systems for some time. Having a Bitcoin specific bank is a net positive than not having one. For everything else, of course you would run your own node.

LVL is the only one that I know of that provides actual banking services. So, technically different than Fold or Strike.

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You'll never get mine!

Very interesting that the ColdCard, which is really popular on Bitcoin Twitter, is Unreproducible. Good ol' Trezor is Reproducible though. These two are all that I stick with.

Do you mean to join SN? I really doubt he would even entertain the idea. Personally, I think Peter is either (a) a bad actor, or (b) forced to remain anti-bitcoin because his business relies on managing client funds which specializes in gold miners' stock. Either way, him coming around to bitcoin would lose him business, so it'll never happen.