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I'm talking about Swedes particularity as I work with them a lot, they are the best. the most professional nice and most honest people. it's sad though to see Scandinavian countries change to the worse as they are too polite towards immigrants that don't share the same values. also the housing prices controls are socialist af, whats up with that?
It's racism if you discriminate according to it. and sure we're all racists to some level and it's good to be aware of and be careful to not hurt others. btw I have opinion about Scandinavian people as well, can't help it :)
99% are indeed shitcoins. human nature tends to group things together, we have pink sheets and S&P 500 etc long before shitcoins.
Don't migrate to the new Phoenix channel automatically!
If you have big channels that are mostly empty you will get one small channel that won't compensate for your current inbound liquidity. migrating only makes sense if you need to receive and don't have enough liquidity.
Can a sidechain be based on POS?
Do you want to witness history as it unfolds or do you prefer to stay where you are?
wow didn't know there's a link to that now I'm surprised 8.3k yearly visitors use Microsoft edge.
I think he was very naive in his political views. he supported Elizabeth Warren and believed he can change the system for the better from the inside. really tragic story :(
Any explanation to the non technical folks?
Yes I use keepass xc on windows and Linux and Keepass2Android on the phone.
You can't get money for free but you can get a free money.
I would mention KeePass that is open source and doesn't require an email.
nice and thank you. if you ACINQ guys read this, please improve the connectivity to local electrum server, today only Tor connection is possible which makes it very slow.