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If this isn't useful http://bolt12.org can you tell me what is?

totally, static LN QR codes in of itself is a total game changer, recurring payments for businesses major usecase. The ability to use QR codes like ATMs to disperse money. It's really a big deal. The elimination of the need for a webserver with lnurl increasing privacy.

Recurring Payments is very important part of user experience and fundamental part of commerce. Many small and large business require for recurring payments and it is a great form of conveneince for the user and a revenue model for many businesses. If it is not an option apart of the Bitcoiner's tool kit for adoption people will use centralized custodians or whatever to get it done. For example if you have a phone bill, ellectric bill or internet bill every month, or music subscription having the option to automate recurring payments and not have to think about it offers convenience that people like.

Bolt12 Allows for recurring payments which is very important for subscriptions, static QR codes and much more trustless than LNURL? How long till Bolt12 is active in your opinion?

Many questions. To start what do you guys look for when partnering with other companies? What is your Current biggest pain point? Where do you see your business in the next 10 years? Do you do sponsorships with artists and influencers you like and if you do what is the best medium for presentment of ideas? Just to start it off.

Who runs a Bitcoin full node just to run a full node? Do people do that currently today? If we are operating on those assumptions why aren't there 21 million bitcoin full nodes or runners of full nodes? Or are there even 21 million Bitcoin full nodes? Are we making the assumption that there is no technical knowledge nor education that goes with running a full node and that people will just run full nodes just to run them? I totally get your perspective yet the original question was: How would you get 21 million people to run Bitcoin Full Nodes? The answer I am reading into so far is education on the benefits of running a full node and the different kind of nodes. Also I get the Quality vs Quantity yet are we making the assumption 21 million full nodes or runners of full nodes is a lot? What happens when we have Billions of people using Bitcoin and all it's consecutive layers does 21 million seem like a lot at that point? I don't think the approach was bad(always could be better) yet I will open another thread with the question refined. Please feel free to answer your own question here aswell.

So Education goes along with running a full node yet isn't this inherent in running a full node?

Why bad approach? Is there a technological issue with 21,000,000 million people running their own bitcoin full nodes?

Technically you could take any smart contract on Ethereum and Fork it on Bitcoin Sidechain RSK which is a Bitcoin EVM compatible sidechain with 60% mergemined hash power of Bitcoin. The monetary asset for gas on RSK is Bitcoin technically RBTC. IOVlabs has their own RNS infrustructure .RSK that uses their own RIF token and RBTC. https://developers.rsk.co/rif/rns/operations/register/

Not the biggest fan of this approach for many reasons but the option is always there. If you are techy you could also create your own RNS protocol on top of RSK and demand the use of only RBTC for creation of domain names as it is all opensource software.

What methods and platforms will you use to educate?

Yeah it is a interesting problem that needs a solution. If you have any more resources and information now this definitely could be solved.

Awesome, if you have any resources or know anyone who has used this feature it would be awesome.

Can you go into more detail how this would work? The more details the better

Lets get this to a million plus signatures. It would be crazy out this world. bitcoinlegaltender.org

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