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Like I told Adam on the bird app, Bits is kinda limiting. It's basically shorting bitcoin's future.

If a burger costs 10 millisats one day, how useful is a bit?

I came to bitcoin just before the first altcoins were created in 2011, stupidly thinking when they arrived that altcoins would be the death of bitcoin because they'd compete and be better since they'd learn from bitcoin's open-sourced mistakes. - Thankfully it became pretty clear pretty quickly that Proof of Work competitors simply couldn't steal bitcoin's miners away from it and I was very relieved and stacked more.

Proof of Stake never scared me in any way; it was always just a (poor) re-creation of fiat, never well decentralized, so I stayed away from all of those coins too. I was a maxi by default, not seeing any competition for years and years.

In early 2017, before the block size war, there was an explosion of many interesting shitcoins attached to a project I wanted to see come to life, like decentralized versions of youtube, cloud storage, browsing, search, metaverse, and IoT. They made me drool over their promised projects, but their crapcoins were so obviously shoehorned in for the developer's personal gain that I was suspicious. So that year I read up on how money actually works and came to understand what makes bitcoin truly special.

I did get a chance to play with a few alts that year, but never stopped being a maximalist for even a second; they were like toys that were easily discarded, never a decent store of value.

Then came the block size war; anything I didn't already know about bitcoin's superior monetary features was learned in spades watching the daily battles and upgrading my node. By the time we were activating UASF I was toxic enough to set the atmosphere on fire. Definitely lost a good chunk of crypto buddies back then.

I've dialed back the toxicity since then, but the resolve remains. You're not exactly dead to me if you choose to hold altcoins, but I'll feel sorry for you and certainly won't trust your judgement on anything financial in nature.

Wow, this seems to be something really unique... Not only is it free to host the index.html file in many places such as freeservers, this doesn't seem to need a server to handle lots of bandwidth or come with more ram or added hard drive space - So free hosting is just fine, even for large stores! (Poor wix)

It's also flexible enough to put in censorship resistant domains & on the deep web. The mind boggles at all the uses for such a free & easy to use storefront. Having all other files, media, & monetary networking done in decentralized ways elsewhere is just magical. Censorship resistance and ease of use are off the charts.

This might be 10x easier than the popular ways of running a storefront today. (Certainly 10x cheaper.) It could be a network-effects breaker!

Congrats. Looking forward to watching it develop.

Nothing written down, but lots of people feel Taproot (a soft fork change last year) was a mistake because it allowed Ordinals, which are now clogging the mempool.

I say: Not fork-worthy. These kiddies and their jpegs will run out of money and even if it is an attack from the BSV camp, how long can it last? They aren't billionaires, they're broke.

My first thought was: "Genius! That'll show him!"

But then I remembered, he's not in this for money. He's in this to prove to the world that he's satoshi. That's his entire reason d' etra. He's just a complete kook that lives to suck you under into his psychotic little world and although getting bitcoins would be nice, that's almost not even on his radar at all. He just wants that fame and recognition.

So upon further thought, no, hell no, don't give him this. I can already imagine the parading & grandstanding he'll do to take this around to all the media as further "proof" that he's satoshi.

Holy crap, Darth. Can't he prove the deaths were arsenic related and get that mine shut down?

Yes, but an easier way to say that is "What would you save in?"

Because they're the hottest of the hot wallets?

Just keep tiny amounts in them to pay for things like zaps and paywalls. Any more should be in a far more secure wallet like Phoenix, and any real money (thousands of dollars worth) should be savings in your hardware wallet.

That's just good security that they should be teaching every schoolkid. One day it will be more obvious to everyone but we're not there yet.

Wow there have been a lot of lightning goods markets lately. OpenBazaar was very flushed out with the best UX I'd ever seen (including ebay/amazon) before they died by shitcoinery. If Brian's not fast though he won't be able to shoehorn lightning into OB3 in time and beat the new batch of lightning native markets.

Yes, in fact it does exactly that.

It's like a judo or akido move where it takes human being's normal greed drive and uses it to secure a monetary system that benefits everyone. Satoshi should get a Nobel prize in many different categories for this single work.

It's just 9 pages long and except for the math at the end anyone can understand it:


What script? I believe that the money is literally broken and will die, followed by the pain or death of millions of innocent people. That's what reason has led me to. Education is not a script.

And damn straight there is a big difference. I want to help those people and you just want to see them perish faster by not having access to the tools they need to survive.

Is it just that you haven't read the whitepaper yet? I can't see where you're getting these crazy ideas from but it's clear you're either horribly underinformed about bitcoin's nature or you're some kind of crackpot from r/buttcoin.

You're severely barking up the wrong tree here. Yes, me and everyone else on this board beside you FIRMLY believe that the world's monetary system is broken beyond any hope of repair and Satoshi gave us the keys to fix it for everyone in an extremely fair way. He gave us a far, far, far better money that every last person on earth can have access to and start earning today if they only understand it.

As for your assumption that "you accuse those developing countries or people who can't afford to not go as being commies," you've totally lost the script here, bigtime.

YOU are accused of being a commie for suggesting a redistribution of wealth. Specifically you said: [Going to Nostrica instead of watching it online] "ought to be the case that it is a sort of "one for all and all for one thing" or forget it."

What a crazy thing to say. Putting politics aside, how could any convention ever happen again if everyone thinks like this? Sounds beyond even what Marx could hope to achieve to me. It's not like there is a hotel somewhere that can house all 8 Billion people for the weekend or something...

As for the people IN those developing countries who can't afford to go, I accuse them of nothing, and assume they are good capitalists and smarter than you by far. Nostr & bitcoin will both be there for them and replace all of their currencies and media over the next decade or two.

The flip phones and Beep sounds at all touchscreens really dated this hard, but my fave part is that this was sponsored by a Bank!

Oh the irony...

Nice! I see that the demo store requires a Privkey... We shouldn't be putting those online at all even if we do trust you. Isn't there any way around doing that?

Agreed Comrade! Let's force the imperialist swines who are attending to fund all of our trips to costa rica this weekend!

Could you sound any more commie? ;)

Nostr apps require front-ends. The UX front, including tons of artwork, over at OpenBazaar is 2nd to none. Just gorgeous. Surely some of that is scroungable for this client.

Seems like reinventing OpenBazaar. (https://github.com/openbazaar) All that code is just sitting there on Github with no love today because the stupid shitcoin-friendly devs used some altcoins too.

Here's hoping you find a lot of their code easy to plug into your market!

Like the layout, needs more pics and color tho.