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I don't use Hacker News much at all. Logged in for what is probably the first time recently in half a decade or more maybe. Do they really not have markdown support? Things like bold and

  • lists
  • of
  • stuff

and italics for quotations and such make a huge difference!

The only thing missing that I'm hoping to see someday is a way to choose emojis 🔍 , like what Twitter, and Mastodon offer.

When I post a "status" on Twitter, that's a Tweet.

When I write something on Telegram, that's a message.

... and on Whatsapp, that's a message as well.

When I upload a photo to Instagram, that's an Insta. (I think that's what the cool kids call it. I don't use it)

... on Reddit, that's a post.

... on Hacker News, that's a post.

In Stacker News I click a link that says "post" to post, so I assume that's what it's called here. Or is there something brand-specific (along the lines of what a "Tweet" is to Twitter, and an "Insta" is to Instagram) that might work here?

Some nuggets:

Trade Bitcoin derivates in a truly peer-2-peer manner with ItchySats, directly from your Umbrel. No accounts. No middlemen.

Accept Bitcoin payments directly on your Umbrel with SatSale — a simple, lightweight, and self-hosted payment processor.

I see that a few weeks ago Murch shared his blog post on r/Bitcoin (Reddit): https://reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/rn0306

The reason I bring that up is that Redditors had tipped him there using the !lntip bot on r/Bitcoin. Reminds me of how much better Stacker.News is than having tipping and such things tacked on as bot.

Just added another of Murch's posts here on SN:

A breakdown of different output types and their address formats – murch https://stacker.news/items/8237

Saw this post on Murch's blog, after reading another post of his here on Stacker.News:

Why is there no such thing as a redirected, forged, or fake transaction? https://stacker.news/items/8225

Murch is the man!!

He was an active moderator of the Bitcoin Stack Exchange at least eight years or so ago, and here he is today still posting great new content on it (among his numerous other accomplishments, including work on Bitcoin Core and efforts throughout the bitcoin ecosystem.

A true inspiration!!

His profile on his blog: https://murch.one/about

What's the aim for Stacker.News as far as the spectrum of content?

I'm not a regular on HackerNews.com (other than occassionally clicking on a link that leads to from Twitter or something like that) but it doesn't seem to have tags or categories -- so all new posts show up in a general interest bucke. Because of their tech user base, it's mostly tech posts that make it to the HN front page(s).

But with Stacker.News being open source, doesn't that make it so that a topic-specific website could be created?

Or maybe a categories feature (or tagging) with SN would give that capability, without leaving SN? I'm thinking like how Reddit has channels, even though the Reddit home page takes the top posts regardless of which channel they are from.

Anything like that coming with SN?

Other lists of Lightning Exchanges:

Additions, corrections, and other feedback welcome.

Leave a comment reply here, or submit an issue or a pull request on Github, or via e-mail

In reviewing that, ... it looks like Bisq does not support LN even as a payment method. There is a fork of Bisq, "Misq", ... or even Bisq 2.0, in-development that will handle multiple protocols, including LN.


The hurdle to providing on/offchain swap P2P is that there's (currently) no easy way to escrow the LN without doing it custodial.

If you see the "Crypto-to-crypto methods" of this list includes three P2P exchanges, but the two non-custodial, Bisq and HodlHodl, provide LN only as pmt method, and the remaining one is custodial ... they let you deposit and withdraw with LN, and you pay a fee (1%) when withdrawing BTC via LN.

Exchanges With LN: https://github.com/cointastical/Exchanges-With-LN

HodlHodl simply added LN as a payment method.

So the offers are all still just offers to BUY BTC (on-chain) or offers to SELL BTC (on-chain). Nothing changed -- seller's BTC goes into multisig escrow, buyer sends LN payment, seller releases BTC escrow. If there's a dispute where seller claims buyer didn't pay the LN invoice, that's a normal LN method to prove whether or not that is true (using the preimage).

They used to have (custodial) LN as the trading currency. When that was enabled, you could list a SELL offer where bank transfer was the payment method, for example. So a trade for that involved no on-chain bitcoin transactions.

HodlHodl has not re-implemented that, they simply added LN as a payment method.

The hurdle for HodlHodl is that there's (currently) no easy way to escrow the LN without doing it custodial, and HodlHodl does not want to be a custodial platform whatsoever.